Oh, Manfred.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I received a package from my mom last week, which contained an assortment of things...including chocolates (M&M's, Reese's Pieces, etc.). Manfred is a self-diagnosed "chocaholic." In fact, he has said a time or two, "I don't smoke and I don't do drugs but I do eat chocolate"...and eat it he does.
He loves it.

I worked late one day along with 2 of my co-workers and I let them each have some chocolate from the box my mom sent. Manfred wasn't there and I knew he would be sad to have missed out, so I left some on his desk. The next morning, he walked in the door to my office and said, "This chocolate, is it yours? Where did it come from, did you bring it?". I said, "My mom sent it". He said, "Your mom sent chocolate for everybody?" and I said, "Well, she sent it to me and I thought I would share it". He asked me, "And where did she find these chocolates?" to which I replied, "I don't know....the store?" And he said, "This is so nice of her! I'm going to tell the others it's from your mom". I thought it was weird that he was going to tell "the others", but it's Manfred, so....I just shrugged it off. A few minutes later I hear Marta yell, "That is not from Jennifer's mom! I brought those chocolates!" I rushed out of my office because I realized there had to have been a misunderstanding. Come to find out, Marta had set a large amount of Euro Chocolate Bars on the table in the entry hall of our Department (fitting for our Department). I quickly said, "No, Manfred, those are not from my mom! The M&M's were from my mom, that's all." And he said "Oh, I forgot about those M&M's. I ate them in less than 2 minutes. Tell her thank you." And then he walked into his office and shut the door behind him.

(but for a few minutes, until Marta clarified, everyone in our office thought my Mom had sent these ^^^)

Jan said...

Tell Manfred 'you're welcome'. Glad everyone loved the chocolate. Those candy bars looked good in the picture.

Jessica and Patrick said...

this just made me laugh out loud

Jeneric Generation said...

Wow, your mom went all out!! I told my office that some is coming our way too. The entire Senate is cheering and high-fiving as I type this.

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