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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kayla and I were going to go to a student event in Erlangen on Saturday night. The university just started so this is a great way to meet people and make friends. We had planned on it all week until Saturday night rolled around.... We were leaving Bamberg and the thought of going back to Uttenreuth, changing clothes, subjecting ourselves to the below-freezing temperatures once again to catch yet another bus to yet another town seemed unbearable. I was secretly hoping Kayla wouldn't want to go but I didn't want to influence her decision one way or another. I'm sure we would have had fun going, but I was delighted to hear that she, too, wanted to stay home, eat tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches, put on 3 layers of clothing and climb into bed to watch a movie. Seriously, the perfect evening! Actually....this kind of evening is only perfect with a 300g Milka bar - which we had (Kayla had included this in my birthday gift). The 300g Milka bar is of special significance to us because we used to buy these in Salzburg (usually with Lindsay) and we'd always say, "We're just going to have a few bites" and then, to our surprise, we'd look down a few minutes later and see that the entire bar had vanished. Funny how that happens.

Speaking of Lindsay....and eating...Kayla told me the funniest story that I have to mention, in hopes that I never forget it. One of my favorite things about Lindsay is how much she loves to eat (we have this in common, of course). Kayla told me that one time, Lindsay wanted a cookie from Subway (because Subway cookies are the best cookies ever). There was a certain kind of cookie she wanted that only one Subway in her town offered. She drove to that Subway specifically and, once she got inside, realized that she didn't want to stand in line just to get a cookie - that would be embarrassing. So - this is the best part- , she, being a vegetarian, ordered a sandwich just so she would feel normal ordering the cookie. Actually, no - this is the best part-, once she got up to the register, she discovered they were all out of those cookies. When Kayla told me this story, I was literally on the verge of tears from laughing so much. I believe my response was: "That is so Lindsay!"

Unfortunately for me, snuggle-time, story-time, snack-time (Kayla-time in general), had to end on Sunday when Kayla took the train back to Rosenheim. Don't think that we didn't strategically coordinate our schedules for the next 2 months, though. We did. And we'll be seeing each other as much as humanly (and financially) possible.
Celeste said...

1. Ahh Deutsche Bahn!! Their trains were so much cleaner than the Italian ones...
2. Milka = Love.
3. I know its always hard parting with friends but its nice that you guys have already planned future meetings.
4. Do you have an email address I can reach you at? Mine is

Jan said...

I'm so glad Kayla lives close to you now.

Kayla said...

So glad I get to see you again soon!
I loooove that Lindsay story!

Lindsay said...

hahaha well thats embarrassing! but in fact very true :-/ yesterday a similar thing happened to me...i was studying and started craving tcby peanut butter frozen yogurt which is my all-time favorite so i stopped my studying and drove all the way across town to the other tcby because they have peanut butter every day. well i walk in, so excited, only to find out the peanut butter ice cream machine was broken!!!! ugh i was so mad..the chocolate vanilla was just not nearly as good.

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