10 points goes to the person who can identify what is hanging on my wall here.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

And yes, sometimes my clothes end up in a pile on my bed rather than in a closet or drawer.  They have also been known to end up on the floor of my closet….sometimes on the floor of my bathroom.  My clothes are very unpredictable like that.


But now I’d like to divert everyone’s attention to other, less cluttered corners of the interweb:

Why makes my heart happy?  Find out here.

The best foods that Europe has to offer?  I list them here.

How I spent the best summer of my life, here.

What do I love about Italy?  I’ll tell you here.

And my tips for surviving long flights can be found here.

Katie said...

good morning.

Marauder's Map!

Susanne said...

thanks for sharing those! :)

Gentri said...

It looks like a marauders map (can't spell that) or something hogwarts-y. haha! Loves it!

Holly said...

Heavens to Betsy. My clothes are constantly on the floor of my closet. I have a set of IKEA drawers at the bottom...when the pile gets too big, I can no longer open the drawers which means I have to either dig a little tunnel or go without clean underwear. Ha. I always choose to dig a tunnel. That's probably TMI, but I saw you on Wily Brunette's blog and I wanted to stop and say Hi. Glad I'm not the only one with clothes that have a mind of their own! :)

Brissa said...

plz. it's the marauders map.
and your hair looks amazing. do mine a favor and teach it how to curl/stay/swoosh like that could you please?

Jessi @ Life: The Epic Journey said...

I don't know, but your hair is killer! Beautiful!

choose to be happy blog said...


ok i totally cheated and got this answer from above. can i have atleast 5 points?? 4?

anyways. i like this post.
ONE: because it references mine. which makes me happy.
and TWO: because it makes it easier for me to stalk you.

oh and three, can caroline start a blog. if so, i will award YOU ten points

Alivia said...

Guuurl, that is the Marauder's Map, of course.

I love this photo. You look like a model unpacking her bags from her numerous travelling adventures.
...From the look of the clothes pile size, you've just come back from 4-5 thousand adventures. I support that.

Nikki said...


Alex said...

Mischief managed!!

Megan said...

Imagine if the marauder's map was actually able to work. I would die!

And agreeing with some of the other commenters, I love your hair! I'm so getting extensions, because mine just won't grow. Grrrr!

Don't feel bad about the clothing being unpredictable. I've found piles in my car. God knows how they got there.

Jeneric Generation said...

Dang it, everyone knows it's the marauder's map. You are kind of everywhere on the internet these days. I definitely read the last link on your list as "my tips for surviving long fights"...I thought to myself, "Oh, boy! This will be good." I enjoyed all of your guest posts. Thank you.

Nikki said...

Oh hey...me again. I thought of something...hair tutorial? Just a thought.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

Haha, I am afraid a hair tutorial would consist of me rolling out of bed and saying, "Hey everyone...here's my hair!". I am the laziest person alive when it comes to hair. I don't have impressive tricks, sorry!

Erica said...

I need to learn how to sleep like you so I can wake up in the morning with my hair looking like that!
P.S. thanks for the blog link up :)

Lauren and Tom said...

I hate piles of clothes and they always seem to be around!!!

Candice said...

I am so impressed at how gorgeous you manage to look whilst cleaning..your hair is looking totes fab, girl! haha :) But seriously..

Anonymous said...

I love that you have the Marauder's Map on your wall, a true HP fan. Also, my bed looks very similar to right now. Actually, mine is quite messier..

Megan said...

i like your hair here.

and in keeping with how we talk about things that have nothing to do with our posts.

i may or may not have made a list of people invited to W2 today.

you were on it.

caitlin of wanderlustings said...

that is so awesome that you have the marauder's map hanging up - i need one!! i love your blog by the way - it's so fun and interesting!!

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