4 american girls in berlin

Friday, August 5, 2011


erica (one of my best friends from my internship in vienna)

is doing another internship this summer in berlin.

lindsay*, julia**, and i decided to visit her the same weekend.

and do you know what happened that weekend?

something very, very bad….

i became obsessed with the bachelorette.

it wasn’t my fault, i swear.  erica had the full season downloaded on itunes

and it just….happened.

here is the part where we all discuss last monday’s finale.

what else is the comment section for?


*lindsay, top photo, right, currently living in rosenheim

**julia, bottom photo, left, currently living in salzburg

Jeneric Generation said...

Ummmm sorry, I can't really comment today.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, I've been obsessed with The Bachelor/The Bachelorette for years...oops. Anyway, team JP all the way ;)

p.s. you look very very pretty and I love Berlin.

Mighty Burns said...

I have never gotten into that show, but I could see how I could.. Sometimes I am affraid to watch shows becuase I know it will suck all my time away lol

Jessica said...

I would love to go to Berlin some day. I have so many places that I would love to travel too, so hopefully someday I will be able to go to some of those places.

LL said...

You had me until episode 3. Team JP!

lydia. said...

I totally didn't watch this season past like, episode two. But I do know the outcome, and I'm totally happy with her pick of JP.
Although, I am sad that she allowed Ben to propose to her still. I know he basically forced it, but I really think she could've stopped it. She totally took his proposal virginity.

Katie.Daily said...

You have the cutest blog! Love that you're doing an internship abroad! I did one in London and it was amazing! Have fun!!


Jan said...

Sorry - no comment since I don't watch it.

Anonymous said...

K, thoughts on JP - I really really really liked him for most of the show, but then he seemed to get super (and weirdly) dramatic and moody. But maybe that's good for Ashley in a weird sort of way. To be honest, I think Ben F. deserves better than Ashley and my heart broke for him when he walked off. I agree with Lydia and feel like she could have stopped him sooner. But enough of Ashley - what I really want is to see more of the bromance between Constantine and Ben F. Also, is Ames now a ladies man? Who knew?

Stefanie said...
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Stefanie said...

grr i'm shamefully addicted to this show and i can't figure out a way to watch it! i just moved to munich and I NEED my american tv shows!!! ahhhhh! the things i give up to be here

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOOOO you cant become obsessed with the Bachelorette!!!!! i promise it will make you a notch stupider (ok...now is that even a word?) everytime you watch it. This past season, i watched every episode until I moved to Europe and I swear on every episode i would shout cuss words and be like "I can't believe I watch this trash and garbage!!!"...then I couldn't wait to tune in next week. The only thing I learned this season is at first Ames' teeth scared me, but after she took him on a date I thought he was too good for her and kind of cute. Yes...that is all i learned. That and I am dying to visit Asia LOL.

obviously I watch.

Kate said...

I was upset to see Ames go on Bachelor Pad! He's too good for that. I'd date him in a heartbeat.
JP melts my heart because he so sweet, and because he's insanely hot. Whoa.

Anonymous said...

My comment: her clothes made her look like a street walker.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

kate- i totally agree with you. shocking, ames!
anon- i totally agree too!

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