a day in krakow

Monday, August 15, 2011

i took about 300 photos in krakow…i’ll try to post only the bare minimum.

DSC01350   DSC01353  DSC01355 DSC01356 DSC01357  DSC01359   DSC01362 DSC01363 DSC01364  DSC01366 DSC01367             DSC01394  DSC01398 DSC01399
{march 24 = my mom’s birthday! ….though she was not born in 1794…}
DSC01400   DSC01403
   DSC01411 DSC01437

krakow is amazing.  and i could live there.  eastern europe is really growing on me.
Candice said...

Ooh so pretty!! I could live there too.. next-door neighbors? I think so.

P.S. your outfit is so cute!!

Anna said...

wow, it's gorgeous! i love the mix of modern/historic architecture. my sister is leaving for Bratislava in a week to teach English for a year, and I am kind of jealous.

Anonymous said...

I've been to Krakow before and it's just stunning! And congrats to Piotr!

Jayda said...

These photos are great!

hayley said...

I need to see Poland. NEED TO.

Unknown said...

Wow! Awesome trip!

I seriously need to go back to Europe. If only someone could just buy my plane ticket for me. haha. :)

Barbara said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! That's just about all I can say ;)

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

such pretty pictures! makes me miss traveling!

Anonymous said...

i gotta get back and see poland as an adult (i havent been there since i was like 8...sad i know). and you look adorable!

Antoinette Musik said...

I absolutely adore this city too! I am blown away each time I visit. These photos are just stunning. Oh and i love your cute outfit!

RetreatingAndAdvancing said...

March 24 is also my birthday(Surely not in 1794 either) :)
Krakow looks great, I have never been there. But I'm getting used to the fact that you've already seen much more european cities than I have.
I spent the last days in Strasbourg and can't wait to my next journey in September!

teeundschnaps said...

it´s beautiful, right?! i´ve been there once, but i can´t remember too much... it´s been 14 years ago. but thanks for refreshing my memories!! :)

Pretzel Thief said...


Reminds me a lot of my (original) hometown of Karlovac which has -- get this -- not one, not two, but FOUR RIVERS running through it.

Yuh huh.

And they're all gorgeous and crystal clear. (Well, all 'cept Kupa, that one's a weeeee biiiiit muddled.)

I urge you and Piotr to visit Serbia and Croatia if and when you get the chance (especially since they're so close)...

They're both supremely beautiful countries geographically and in every other way.

Claire said...

I found your blog through "I believe in Unicorns" and I am SO happy I did. I just got back from my second semester abroad. I went to Krakow one weekend before I left, and fell in love. I seriously LOVE Krakow- 5 days there and I think it is my favorite city on earth.

Poland is magic! I'm so jealous that you get to spend so much time there!

Alexa said...

Absolutely beautiful photos. Love to travel as well.

Jan said...

Thanks for clarifying that I was not born in 1794!!

Mighty Burns said...

Oh I dont blame you, looks beautiful!

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

I think I need to see Poland through your eyes. And I can't believe Piotr has only been to Krakow once (well, now twice)! I've been there something like 10 times. I thought it was a Polish person requirement to go there as often as possible, hah!

P.S. Did you try the pretzels?!

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