An update from Salzburg, one week in.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I've been helping the Spanish boys with their English quite a bit lately.  We still speak Spanish with one another, but we've been having an "English day" every now and again.  On one such day, I taught them to say "I go skiing" instead of saying "I make a ski."  Sergi and Roman are obsessed with skiing; they have all their gear with them here at IK and go skiing every chance they get, which is, like, every couple of days.  They are expert-level skiers, so I don't know if I'll ever attempt to ski with them, but who knows.  It could be a fun challenge.

Anyhow, it's really fun having these English and Spanish lessons with the Spanish boys because I'm never afraid to speak with them since they make mistakes with their English so often.  There's just no level of intimidation when it comes to speaking Spanish with them; they're both very helpful and patient and they very much relate to the endeavor of learning a new language.

I have another new friend named Andy.  For anyone who has ever wanted a British friend who uses phrases like "dreadful" or "darling" or "love", Andy is that friend.  He lives one bus stop down in a dorm much like I.K. but he might as well live here.  We see him often and I'm usually in tears of laughter anytime he's around.  I love him so much already.

Of course, I've met all of these friends through Caroline.  I've also been introduced to so many cool places around the city because of her; it's such an advantage having a roommate who knows the city so well and has lived here for several months already.  I can't believe I was ever hesitant about this living situation; I already can't imagine my experience any differently and it's been one week.

Sandy hasn't been to I.K. yet (you have to take a bus to get here) but we've hung out in the Altstadt a bit this week and gone to dinner a couple of times.  She's getting to know all of the girls at St. Sebastian so I think it's safe to say we're both very content with our respective living situations.

Other than that, there is so much snow on the ground right now and everything is perfect.  This place is a dream.

^^ A picture from earlier this week of me, Kayla, and Mozart.

^^ A picture of Vaidas, me, Gena, some guy we don't know even a little bit, and Caroline.

^^ Nobody knows why Vaidas, Roman, and Sergi are posing with an angel ornament, or where they got it, for that matter.

^^ Nor does anyone know we they're poking Sergi with ski poles as he lies on the floor.  Caroline and I just looked down and this was happening.  We asked no questions.

Quote of the day: "Adios!!" -- Sandy speaks Spanish yet again to an Austrian shopkeeper as we exit the store

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