Classes at Uni. Salzburg are about to begin, but first: a weekend update.

Monday, February 23, 2009

On Friday, we took our German finals, and it wasn't bad at all.  Following our tests, Sandy went to EuroPark (the mall) and I registered with the city of Salzburg as a resident alien.  This involved going to the Rathaus (city hall), handing in a bunch of paperwork, and getting my visa stamped into my passport.  After that, I didn't feel like doing much because it's so cold and, despite my the warmth and utility of my snow boots, it just wasn't worth it to be outside.

Speaking of my boots, the other day, Kayla and I were walking around the Altstadt in the snow.  I stopped and said, "What would I do without these boots?" and she replied, "I don't even want to think about it."  So it's not just me -- the boots mean a lot to everyone, clearly.

Caroline and I lounged around watching TV on her laptop before deciding to go to Merkur.  We spent over an hour there, buying fruit, vegetables, yogurt, muesli, bread, "vegetable shots", and more.  I loaded everything into my backpack (no plastic bags allowed!) and Caroline and I walked back to I.K. to make dinner together.  

Around 9:00, Sandy and Kayla rode the bus over (Sandy's first time!) to attend the going-away party we were throwing for Vaidas.  Caroline and I made the mistake of bringing out a loaf of rosinen brot (raisin bread, but SO MUCH BETTER than any raisin bread you've ever had) and shoko-croissants, and offering both to Kayla and Sandy.  We're not sure how, but between the four of us, we consumed the entire loaf of rosinen brot and all ten shoko-croissants.  That's all I have to say about that.

On Saturday, Caroline left super early to go to Germany for the day.  After I got up and around, I visited Sandy at St. Sebastian and then walked around the city with Kayla and Robert.  We ended up walking all around the Altstadt for awhile, and then eating at Mozart Cafe for lunch.  We walked around the Altstadt more, and then  Kayla and I then picked up a pizza from Reyna Kebap and took it back to St. Sebastian to eat in bed while watching Sound of Music.  Best night ever?  Maybe.

Sunday was relatively uneventful (laundry day with Caroline) and then she and Tim went to a concert while I hung out with Kayla again.  Towards the end of the night, when I was on my way out of the Alstadt and heading towards the bus stop, I looked out across the Salzach as I was crossing the bridge.  It was already dark, and the snow was falling lightly all around me, and I've seen the Salzach 100 times, but there was something so surreal about this particular moment that it actually took my breath away.  I stood at the bust stop, freezing -- all bundled in my new coat and my new hat and my new gloves -- trying not to cry.  I've never had this emotional of a reaction to a place but there is just something so magical about this city... I'm still trying to wrap my head around all of it it.  Just so many feelings!

Speaking of feelings, Vaidas left today to go back to Lithuania, and Sergi had a lot of feelings about that.  He cried, Vaidas cried, it was just a big, emotional, cry-fest amongst the two of them.  We hope he enjoyed the going-away party we threw for him, but no matter how much fun he had at that, no one had as much as the four of us girls did, eating the bread and croissants -- I can tell you that much right now.

More updates to come, and hopefully the next one will have less to do with carbohydrates.  

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