Yet another trip to Cafe Habakuk

Saturday, February 28, 2009

The other night, Sandy invited me over for dinner.  We were going to watch the movie 'Giant' together, so I took the bus over to see her.  But when I walked into her room no later than 8:00, she was sound asleep.  I woke her up, and we went to get a pizza from Reyna and dessert from Cafe Habakuk.  It was there at Cafe Habakuk -- Sandy's favorite place in Salzburg -- where we had an especially funny experience.  I love apfel streudel, so that is what I almost always order if we're eating dessert (which is pretty much after every meal).  Sandy, on the other hand, tends to be more indecisive.  Thus, her exchange between the shop woman went a little something like this: "Can I get the apfel struedel, too?....Wait, no! I want tiramisu....  Wait!  What's that?....No, that thing under that other thing....No, that thing under that tray of things... Yeah!  What is that?... Oh, what kind of cake?....Chocolate cake?  Is there anything side of it?....Hmmm, okay.  I want that.  No wait, I want ice cream.  Actually, I'll just have that cake thing."  Then she turns to me and says, "This is my 5th night in a row to come here and do this exact thing.

On the way back to St. Sebastian, I mentioned to Sandy that I had received various comments from friends on how they love reading things that she says or does via blog entires.  I told her that, between the two of us, she is definitely the funny one.  As I'm telling her this and we are walking up the stairs, she trips and falls, and had she not broken her fall with her hands, she would have face-planted directly into the stone steps.  She looked up at me and said, "This is why people love reading about me."

Quote of the day: "Nein, gracias!" -- Kayla, to an Austrian man on the street handing out flyers

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