20 Interesting Things That Happened to Us in Budapest

Friday, September 25, 2009

1.  I decided to stop caring about my appearance, and just wear the same outfit every day.  It was liberating, and also gross.

2.  We stayed at Victor and Jake's -- a perfectly pleasant hostel, which seemed absolutely terrifying at first, due to the fact that the walls separating each room were not, in fact, walls, but really just partitions, so that (as I so reassuringly warned Jenny on our first night there as we were falling asleep) "if that 50-year-old man in the room next to us wanted to get into our room, he could easily just stand on his bed and jump right over."

3.  The exchange rate made us rich.

4.  No, really -- each of these water bottles cost us the equivalent of .24 USD.

5.  And because I was freezing, I bought this jacket at Spar (as in, the grocery store) for, I want to say, 1 USD?

6.  The metro sounds like a carnival ride, and because there was virtually no one in Budapest this time of year, we were often eerily alone as we rode it -- something both creepy and cool.

7.  We ate at McDonald's one morning while Rihanna's "Take a Bow" played on the speakers in the bathroom, and for that reason, that song was stuck in our heads for the rest. of. the trip -- something both annoying and cool.

8.  Jenny let me borrow her skirt to go to church on Sunday!

9.  But we couldn't find the church and ended up in this beautiful courtyard instead.  So we decided to go to a teahouse and get some tea.

10.  But we couldn't find the teahouse and ended up even more lost than before, so we ended up going back to the hostel in defeat.

11.  And then a bird POOPED IN MY HAIR while standing right here outside of the hostel and, for some reason, my reaction was to scream Jenny's name angrily 100 times in a row without stopping.  Luckily it didn't get on my Spar jacket.

12.  But all was well when we went to the baths, which was more or less the reason we went to Budapest in the first place.

13.  Fun fact: a trip to the baths means you don't have to shower at Victor and Jake's!  Because as pretty as the hostel was, there is a reason I'm not including a photo of the bathrooms...

14.  The only negative experience we had at the baths occurred when an elderly man with very wet hands swam over and offered to take a picture of us and then became visibly offended when we declined.

15.  I returned Jenny's favor of lending me her skirt by lending her my blue H&M jacket (Budapest really was chilly and we were ill-prepared), and realized it looks better on her, anyway!

 16.  We saw all the sights, including but not limited to: Parliament with a side of graffiti.

17.  The Danube River was pretty, but cold.

18.  So we decided to eat some falafel for dinner and call it a day.

19.  And then we remembered we have to eat a Milka bar after every meal (that's the rule), so we sat on a park bench and shared one while discussing what Jenny's bio would be in my wedding program.

20.  And then we made a post-dessert/pre-bedtime trip to Hero's Square, before returning to Victor and Jake's to continue contemplating the likelihood of men jumping over our walls.

Budapest, we like you.  'Love' might be too strong a word but I'm willing to give you another chance one day.  Just have the falafel ready, with a side of Milka bar.

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