Goodbye (for now), Salzburg.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's time to go home and get my ducks in a row (e.g. sort out how I'm going to graduate with my bachelors with a degree from my home university and also continue to live here), but it's not easy to leave.  I have an interview with the Embassy in late November and I'll be back in Salzburg after Christmas, but regardless, Salzburg, as I knew it when I fell in love with it, will never really be the same.  Caroline, Kayla, Lindsay, Tim, Sergi, Roman -- all the people who played an integral role in the magic that has been these past several months are no longer here and it's teaching me that it's more about the people than the place.

I wandered through the city this evening -- wearing my Uni. Salzburg hoodie, of course, and enjoying the cool breeze --  and I said goodbye to the city as I know it, in my own way, alone.  I took a video (a screenshot of which is included in this post) while walking across the Mozart Fußbrücke and felt like Kathleen Kelly when she's putting up ornaments and "missing [her] mother so much it hurts."  It really is the people, more so than the place.

But I do love the place.  I really, really love the place.

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