Alles gute zum Muttertag!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On the way to Donauauen Nationalpark, where Martina and I spent Muttertag (Mother's Day) with her parents.
This is the town of Fischamend. It is between Vienna and the national park. The legend is that the river was once so high, that a fish got stuck on top of the tower, thus became the name Fischamend (fish on the end). So now there is a little fishy on the tower. Cute cute.
It's so weird how flat it is here. Where are the Alps??
Inside the Weihs' home. This is their ''river house''...kinda like a lake house.... they come here when the weather is nice. It's about a half hour outside of Vienna. So pretty!
Martina's parents cooked for us and we ate on the back porch. This was our view (above). It was such a great meal (Lindsay, Martina's mom made the carrots we love!) and since her parents speak not a lick of English, the conversation was German only. Martina's dad makes honey, so I got to talk about my dad a lot. :)
After dinner, Martina and I took a walk along the river with her mom. Her parents are so great, especially because they did not mind that lunch became dinner, when I didn't wake up until 2:00 (after sleeping 12 hours). In my defense, Martina did not wake me up, and I did not know about the plans beforehand!! :)
I am still thinking about that meal...the food was awesome (it came straight from her parents garden...they garden everything), and we read local newspapers and magazines and watched the sunset...very relaxing.
On the way home, Martina pulled the car over and we stopped at this little church. It is the oldest church in Vienna, despite what tour guides will tell you (they say it's the one in the city center, whose name is escaping me...Kayla would probably know it). Anyway, they still have service here the 1st Sunday of every month. I wonder how many people come?

Happy mother's day, Mom! (a couple days late....)
Jan said...

That's so neat about the fish on the tower. The pictures are so pretty even though there are no alps!! I had a good Mother's Day, thank you. Love, MOM

Jenni Austria Germany said...

you are welcome, i like your picture! :)

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