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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Here a photo of the Embassy.  I obviously did not take it, as you are not allowed to take photos....

I really like my job. I am given fun assignments and it's not at all as stressful as I was expecting it to be. My colleagues (who are all my superiors) treat me well and they include me in important things; meetings, event planning and such. Am I an adult now? Weird. Anyway, my favorite thing to do is translate documents from German into English for the Ambassador. My least favorite thing to do is make phone calls in German because I get nervous. I usually just make Hannes do that. He is the other intern (he's German... the embassy needs 1 native English speaker and 1 native German speaker) and we get to work together the majority of the day. We laugh a lot (maybe a little too much....I should be a little quieter) and share an office. He helps me a lot, too, because he has been here 2 months longer than I have. He's great, I really appreciate him.

I wish I could be more specific about what I do! That's about all I can say. I will say this much, however; one of my superiors is Uncle Billy from It's a Wonderful Life. And trust me: I mean that in the best way possible.
Jan said...

Oh I bet Uncle Billy is so nice to work with. Don't you wish it was the real one?!! Glad you love your job.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

He is SO nice to work with. I love him!

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