My 233th trip to Salzburg in the past 2 years.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I first came to Salzburg in July of 2008. I returned in early 2009 and left again July 2009. I returned again in December 2009 and left in January 2010. Here I am again in May 2010. Does this surprise anyone? I have given 6 tours now to friends from home who have visited Salzburg. Pierce and Brett were some of the most recent visitors. Pierce is studying in Graz and Brett came to visit...they spent a week or so traveling and I told Brett that Salzburg would be his favorite city by the end of his trip. I confirmed with him upon his arrival home and I was right! I will never tire of showing people my favorite city on earth.

Here are a few pics of Brett and Pierce's visit:

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