prague with pierce

Monday, May 31, 2010

The first time I went to Prague, I really liked it.
The second time I went to Prague
(ironically, exactly one year later to the date),
I loved it.
I went with Pierce, Derek, and Megan.
They picked me up after work on Friday in a rental car
and we drove there,
which is more fun than a train
and cheaper too.
I slept through a lot of the car ride.
I'm a working woman now, so that is to be expected.

Things I did not sleep through, however:
* Getting lost on the way to Prague and the back road navigation that followed
* A really fun 3 hour walking tour through the old was free (???)
* An amazing pizza, and yes I did consume it in its entirety
* Derek stalling the car in the middle of a round-about
*A giant English bookstore, where I found 3 books for 30 Czech Krone
(this is, like, 6 euro)
*A Broken Social Scene concert in Linz

Crossing the bridge to my favorite part of Prague.

Near the Prague castle.

The town square on our first night.

I don't remember the meaning of this. Do you, Pierce?

Great weather!
Then I came back to rainy Vienna for another week of work.
Jan said...

I can't believe how beautiful Prague is. That trip sounded like fun!!

Pierce said...

I think it was created to remember the Velvet Revolution, it was a really peaceful revolution of 200,000 people all waving keys in the air.

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