Salzburg with Eva...a couple of weeks ago

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Eva is who I "lived" with when I came back to Salzburg last winter. She is from Bavaria. If I had to make a list of "Top 3 Nicest European Girls I've ever met", she would definitely make the cut. When I arrived in Salzburg again (to stay with her), she had my favorite muesli waiting for me, along with Tender Bars (my favorite treat). We went to the Museum der Moderne one day. I had actually never been before. It was a holiday, so free entry.
A mosaic of the city of Salzburg.

Inside the museum.

It was a rainy day...perfect for a museum day. There were so many people there with the same idea. We spent a lot of time at the gift shop...I may or may not have bought my dad his birthday and father's day present there! ;) I love Eva and was so glad I got to spend some time with her! I hope to visit her again. Who am I kidding, she lives in Salzburg, so I'll probably see her tomorrow or something....I can only go so many days before finding my way back to that place.

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