Thursday, May 20, 2010

I've already moved into a new place, so my time living with Martina is up. It was a really nice couple of weeks with her and she took great care of me. Almost every night, she would ask me if I wanted some "toasts". Her parents garden everything and so she always had really great recipes for "toasts"....avocado spread, blue cheese & honey spread....here is some cranberry and butter spread...... her parents even make homemade pesto (actually homemade, Caroline, unlike Valentina's "homemade pesto" from Merkur!). I'm going to miss living with her but I'm excited to get to know my next roommate and I know I will hang out with Martina more throughout the summer even though we no longer live together. I'm currently house-sitting for the week and will then move into my new apartment. Maybe my next roommate will cook toasts for me every night before bed too...
Jan said...

That toast looks SO good. Hope you like your new apartment!!

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