Cinque Terre Part 1: Monterrosso al Mare

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I recommend maximizing the majority of these me, they're kind of amazing.

^^^ On the train from Pisa to Cinque Terre, where I taught Peff how to play Tick! He learned so quickly (must be a civil engineer thing) and beat me at our very first game. This is how I learned that the distance between Pisa and Cinque Terre can be measured two ways: 1) a little under an hour 2) a full game of Tick.

^^ Peff was immediately in love with Monterrosso!
^^ We were both starving, so I suggested we stop at my favorite focaccia bread stand for a pre-lunch treat (because pre-lunch treats are so necessary, right?) of potato focaccia and tomato focaccia. We split them both and then headed straight for lunch (you will soon notice a pattern of eating every 5-10 minutes).

^^^ I insisted that we eat lunch here. I've eaten at this beach side restaurant every time I've been to Cinque Terre...and have ordered the same meal every time. Bruschetta and pasta with walnut sauce. Needless to say, a person can never go to Cinque Terre too many times, and for that reason, I'm already anxiously awaiting my next visit (which will take place mid-August!).

^^^ Peff and I think this is such a Lost photo.

^^^ And speaking of Lost....I mentioned that I downloaded Season 6 (the final season) of the series to watch on my overnight trains.... how normal / embarrassing is it that I cried during the finale?
^^^ Anyway, after eating so much we felt like we just might die, we ventured over to the beach and relaxed a bit before heading to Vernazza....up next.
Jan said...

Wow the food looked amazing. And the scenery is so beautiful. Glad you had a good trip.

Alex said...

Cinque Terre really is heaven on earth. I am dying to go back there!!

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