Cinque Terre Part 3: Manarola

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Manarola was our 3rd stop (yes, we skipped over Corniglia, because it's pointless, really). Manarola is where you take all the token tourist-y pics. It is also where Peff, after admiring an old Italian man sanding his boat, decided he, too, would build a boat one day.  We also enjoyed some cannoli here and the best pesto calzone ever made. Seriously, I kinda can't stop thinking about that. Did you think I was kidding when I said we ate every 5-10 minutes? Because I wasn't. I most definitely wasn't.

Jan said...

Each of those towns get better. You really know how to 'see the sights'!!

Unknown said...

This was one of my most favorite trips while I was in Europe! The pesto is the best in the world! Looks like you are living the dream over there! I'm jealous!! :)

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