Cinque Terre Part 4: Riomaggiore

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Riomaggiore is my favorite town in the Cinque Terre region...probably because the only thing you can do there is eat. Peff and I played another game of Tick (I won, finally) while sharing a pizza. Then we got dessert (Nutella crepes) and took the last train back to Pisa.

Before we got on the train, we weren't certain that it was going to Pisa, because the screen next to the train which usually informs you of the destination/time of departure, etc. was not working. Have I ever seen this before in a train station? No, but this is Italy, so nothing surprises me anymore. There were a few teenage girls smoking cigarettes beside the train we thought was ours, so we asked them if it was going to Pisa Centrale. They said yes, so we got on board and after the train didn't start moving for a long time, I asked Peff, "Do you think this is the wrong train?" He shrugged, but we were both SO exhausted (from so much sun, so much food, so much walking) that we didn't move. Instead,we fell asleep and woke up in Pisa Centrale -- our destination.

(It's stories like this that probably cause my mom to lose sleep at night).

I don't know how we mustered the energy to walk back to our hostel but we made it! The next day was devoted solely to to come.
Jan said...

Wow this trip to Pisa never ends!! Can't wait to see pictures of when you got there. You're right about me losing sleep over you getting on the wrong train.

Alex said...

This is where I stayed when I was in Cinque Terre. It's such a charming little town with SO MUCH FOOD!!

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