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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I didn't have a place to stay last weekend (house-sitting sometimes leaves you homeless when you're in between jobs), so I went to Graz to see friends. I'm so thankful to have great friends within a short distance (2.5 hour train ride). The first time I ever went to Graz, I thought, "Wait...why did I come here?". I wasn't obsessed with it, by any means. I thought I'd give Graz a second chance, though. This trip was particularly memorable because of the following:

1. I spent the majority of my time with Pierce, Steffi and Megan.
2. Pierce, Steffi and I went to the Schlossberg and walked around the top of the mountain and took some great photos which I will post soon.
3. We ate at an amazing Italian restaurant; so amazing that I considered ordering another meal after I finished the 1st one.
4. I burned my tongue on garlic soup at said Italian restaurant, but the soup was so good that I didn't care.
5. Pierce and I ate a lot of cookies throughout the weekend...a lot, a lot.
6. I met all of their friends at an Erasmus party on Saturday night, many of whom were Spanish boys... and every one of them made me miss Sergi and Roman so much.
7. At the same party, Pierce looked at my black sequins jacket and asked me, in complete sincerity, if it was made of fish scales.
8. We watched the Australian - Ghana game on a big screen and I realized I love the World Cup.
9. It rained a lot.
10. A bunch of Erasmus students cooked dinner with us on Saturday night and I realized that their study abroad semester is about to end....there was an unspoken sadness amongst the group and it brought back so many memories in the bittersweetest of ways.

Jan said...

You look so pretty in those pictures. Glad you had fun there.

Jeneric Generation said...

Your braid is cute. It reminds me of Budapest. And that man who was offended when I wouldn't let him touch my camera with his wet hands.

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