pisa with peff: part 2

Monday, June 7, 2010

After spending the first day in Italy touring Cinque Terre,
we had a full day to explore Pisa.The weather was beautiful!

We started out with a not-so-great breakfast
in a semi-shabby cafe...
....but then made up for it by gelato immediately afterward
(yeah, it was 11:00 in the morning, the perfect time for gelato).
I want that scooter.

Peff and I got matching fedoras.
And we wore them all around Pisa
just to look as touristy as we could.
Peff, modeling his fedora in front of the Tower.
Just another pizza....nothing unusual.
We played another game of Tick at dinner.
I won, despite the fact that the waiter stood over my shoulder
and told Peff which cards I had.
Not. Funny.

It was so nice to experience the sunshine after all that Vienna rain!
Of course a little bruschetta is necessary every now and then.
I made a list of sights to see in Pisa
and the botanical gardens made the cut.
It kind of reminded me of the mansion in Sunset Boulevard....
Another sight on my list was this park
that looks like something out of The Lion King
(so, naturally, I wanted to go).
On the way to the park, though,
we got distracted by a grocery store
and ended up buying food/drinks for a picnic.
We sat in front of the Tower and picnic-ed and played yet another game of Tick.
Of course the picnic included grapes, Brie cheese, onion focaccia, etc., etc.
Our picnic location.
And of course Bueno bars were part of the picnic as well.
Our view from the shade.

This wall also made my list of things to see.
Peff thought it was pointless,
but I like it.
He was too busy looking at rocks,
trying to determine what kind each one was.
So many churches.
You can't tell from the photograph,
but this one was tiny.
Pisa is so small and really easy to navigate
(when you're not looking for Nino Pisano).

Just outside of this church we watched a group of little Italian boys playing futbol.

A pick-up Futbol game,
a Catholic church,
and a Vespa.
How much more "Italian" can you get.

Thanks, Pisa, I don't hate Italy so much after visiting you!

Jan said...

Loved the hats, leaning tower and the food!! I'm glad you don't hate Italy as much now.

Jessica and Patrick said...

i was once starving in the middle of the night in a train station in paris and all i had was a bueno bar that i was moments from devouring when a homeless man approached me and asked me if he could have it. still to this day, that may be the biggest sacrifice i've ever made.

Jeneric Generation said...

Your fedora picture=best picture of you ever. So glad to see it is your prof pic. Maybe it should be your fb prof pic too. Forever.

Alex said...

BUENO BARS!! It took me a year after going to Europe to find them in the states. And I ate all the ones I bought. Sad day.
(p.s. as you can tell, I'm totally going through your archives. Travel blogs just make me so happy!)

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