July 3rd: the after party

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

After the July 3rd informal party, all of the interns met up to watch the Portugal v. Spain World Cup game and Pierce came along.

A note about living in Vienna with other American interns:
When I think back to my life in May,
it seems like a completely separate experience.
These interns didn't come until 3 weeks after I did,
so the first 3 weeks I worked M-F,
traveled on the weekend with Oklahoma friends,
hung out after work with Martina (my original roommate)
and that was the extent of my life.

Then the rest of the American interns arrived.
There are 6 others besides me
and we are a very close group.
In fact,
we're a little exclusive
but not too exclusive for Eva
(or Pierce, when he's visiting).

Peter (Ken, of Barbie and Ken) also had a friend come to visit
(seen below).
He originally intended on coming for a couple of days
and stayed for a couple of weeks.
I think it's because our group of friends is just that fun.

I think I might be the only intern
who hasn't interned with the Embassy before
(in other countries, naturally).
The rest of them have repeatedly told me
that the closeness of our group is by no means normal,
that in all of their experiences
(for some, this is their 5th internship),
they have never bonded so well with the other American interns.

We eat dinner together once a week;
each of us hosting a different night,
each of us bringing a different item.
We travel together,
hang out after work together,
go to lunch together
(the benefit of working with your friends),
we do mostly everything together.

5 of the 7 of us even live on the same street.
I live next door to Laura and Erica
and for that I am very, very grateful.

How boring was my Vienna life in May?!
I had no idea what was coming.

I know what is coming at the end of August, however:
saying goodbye to a city I love
as well as friends I've come to love even more.

All too familiar, I say!

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