friends make things better.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

surprisingly, my start at fulbright has not been all that i thought it would be.
"jennifer, sad in europe" sounds to me like an oxymoron.
but actually, it's not!
not loving my living situation and town
plus having issues with my paycheck
kind of inhibits my absolute happiness
but things are slowly getting better...i think.
regardless, the past 2 weekends,
i've had friends visit me.
and that's kind of a sacrifice
since my town offers NO attraction whatsoever.
there is literally nothing to do here
except hang out in my kitchen
and cook
and eat
and bake
and eat.
so that's what we've been doing.
my friends are fellow fulbrighters
"stationed" around bavaria.
so the fact that they have come to visit me
two weekends in a row
is quite nice, really,
since it costs them to transport themselves here
and they could be in far more exciting places.
so, to look on the positive side:
at least i have friends!
even if they don't live in my town.

last weekend: cupcakes and Katherine
Katherine came from Passau, Germany
(so close to Salzburg...lucky her)
and we made Funfetti cupcakes
(her mom send her the cake mix from the US)
which was a little slice of American heaven.
we invited other friends over
and the 5 of us consumed 18 cupcakes in 24 hours.

this past weekend: food, food, music and food
Emily and Gemma, who are teaching in Forchheim
as well as Andy, teaching in Erlangen
came for cooking, eating, music, laughing,
Andy is a DJ so he brought his iPod
which was a special treat.
(he is in the process of planning
a Halloween dance for his school,
which he himself will DJ.
if it happens,
i will be there).

friends are kind of essential to life, i am learning.
Jan said...

The cupcakes looked great. You looked so natural cooking in your kitchen.

Unknown said...

so glad to hear ur friends came to visit - kinda' sucks when ur not feelin' the place where u live - BEEN THERE before! - rock on with the cupcakes!!!

PS - come visit my first GIVE-AWAY - $45 worth of fabulous! - don't be shy - pass it along! :o)

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

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