Thursday, September 23, 2010

I really like Nuremberg (Nürnberg in German). I have only been there once, believe it or not, but if I can ever find a reasonably priced living arrangment, I will be able to go there more often (it's only half an hour away).   And here's a fun fact: there is a statue in the city center (shown below) that is said to depict the stages of marriage. All I could really understand is that it ends with 2 skeletons killing each other and somewhere along the way, there is a giant lizard involved (seen with water shooting from its mouth).

Like I said, I have only spent one day there, but I am really looking forward to the months of exploring I have ahead of me.  And most importantly, Nuremberg is the Christmas capital of Germany. That means that for the month of December, tourists from all around the world come to Nuremberg just to see the Christmas markets. I cannot wait for this!! I typed google imaged ''Nuremberg Christmas market'' and these are some images I found:

Christmastime will be so fun. I can't wait.
Jan said...

Wish I could be there at Christmas. Love those train cookies!!

Claire Mercado-Obias said...

Christmas markets! You are so lucky :) There are a few holiday markets where I live but nothing compared to the ones in Europe! Please post photos & your unique finds! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I truly feel that this might be heaven. I want to go so badly! Please go every day in December and blog every night.

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