Welcome to Germany, Kayla

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The above photo has nothing to do with Germany, but it is my favorite picture of Kayla (and quite possibly my favorite picture of anyone, ever) and I think I could look at it all day long and smile at how adorable she is. That blonde hair!!!! So precious.

The photo below: Kayla and me on the border between Germany and Austria, taken May 2009 at the end of what we still consider to be the greatest 4 months of our lives.

I am so unbelievably excited that she left the US yesterday on a flight to Germany (!!!!!!) where she will spend the next year. Although she won't be in my town, I can guarantee that we will see each other quite a lot. I am already envisioning a trip to Salzburg together (she lives much closer to Austria than I do....lucky) and I cannot even sit still when I think about what it will be like to be back there with her. I've been back there 3 times since I officially left in 2009 and the most special time was, of course, with Lindsay. There is just something about re-experiencing that place with someone who experienced it with you in the beginning. I am torn between jumping up and down and crying from joy when I think about going back there with Kayla.....our ultimate goal is to live there one day (with Caroline and Lindsay). Ordinarily, I might think that too lofty of a goal....but we already have 2 of the 4 and I am currently living out the reality of what I once thought was too lofty of a goal (Fulbright), so there is hope for us yet. I think if Kayla and I ever found a place to live in Salzburg (as well as jobs), I would literally be the happiest person in the world. Kayla, I hope when you are done in Rosenheim, you aren't ready to move back to the US again or else my dreams will be crushed....no pressure.

Jan said...

She's SOOOO cute!! And I've always loved that picture of the 2 of you!! It's beautiful!!

DiamondGirl said...

How exciting Jennifer! I do love the picture of the two of you. And you my darling can do anything. You prove it over and over again. I am so proud of you!

Kayla said...

You are so sweet! Can't wait to see you so soon! I can't imagine being here with out! It's been three weeks already and it's not the same without you!!

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