''what do you eat in germany?''

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

sometimes people ask me this question
and the answer is actually very simple.
i eat the same things every day.

breakfast: fruit, fruit and fruit.
blackberries (with vanilla soy yogurt), kiwi, oranges and banana.
(sometimes almonds or pine nuts)
yes, this is a lot of sugar.
no, i don't eat all of them at once.
...or at least i try not to.
i asked my friend andy the other day,
''what would you think of me if i only ate fruit and nothing else?''
and he said,
''i would think you'd be diabetic in 4-6 weeks.''

lunch:1 of 2 types of sandwiches,
depending on if i'm eating at school (a packed lunch)
or at home (where i can cook).

my packed lunch consists of
a peanut butter and nutella sandwich
(with or without bananas)
on wheat bread
......a half liter of milk.
the milk here is sold by the liter
and, embarrassingly enough,
i have to stop myself from drinking the entire bottle.
i am my father's daughter.

if at home,
i will cut 2 slices of this ''vollkornbrot''
and spread honey on both sides
and scramble one egg
with a tablespoon of pesto oil,
a little salt and a lot of pepper,
add 2 slices of swiss cheese
and then make a ''honey-egg&cheese'' sandwich.
and it is so good.

and dinner: spätzle
(this pan is not my portion size)
((i make a whole pan when serving friends))

with the following (not pictured) chopped vegetables:
3 mushrooms, 1 carrot,
1 small can of corn,
1/2 a potatoe, 5 cherry tomatoes, 1/2 an onion,
some broccoli, artichokes,
a little salt and a lot of pepper
and pesto.

i love eating.
Jan said...

So proud of you for eating healthy!!

Celeste said...

Who DOESN'T love eating!!! It's so nice that you're able to find healthy things while in Germany.. while I was there it was hard to not give into a doner and bratwurst diet...

Anonymous said...

aww i miss making dinner with you. ive tried so hard to recreate the spaetzle dinner we would make together but it just doesnt taste the same. im so jealous you get to eat that every day!

Jan said...

One more comment from your mom!! Today's your birthday and I miss you! Happy Birthday!!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

ha, thanks mom, but i'm pretty sure drinking 1/2 a liter of milk every day is NOT healthy!

salwar said...

great dish.. realy nice for this christmas eve...

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