Birthday dinner in Nuremberg

Monday, October 25, 2010

In addition to bringing me several birthday gifts (including herself!), Kayla asked me to choose a restaurant in Nuremberg so we could celebrate my birthday (better 3 weeks late than never!). 7 months ago, the last time I had seen Kayla, we were celebrating her birthday, so it was fitting that we met again for mine. I decided I wanted to split a pizza and salad at one of my favorite restaurants, Vapiano. It just so happens that pizza was Kayla's and my "bonding food" in Salzburg....a great foundation for a long-lasting friendship.

I first ate at Vapiano with my Vienna friends this summer and loved it -- luckily there is one in Nuremberg as well. Erica recommended to us (she always ate at the one in DC when she lived there) and I would recommend it to others as well!

Kayla was ecstatic to see the moon. I didn't know this about her, but she has a mini-obsession with the moon and how "no matter where you are in the world, you're always staring up at the same moon". She can't see the moon from where she is living in the Alps right now, so she stopped on our way home to take some pictures of it. We laughed, as people walking past us, at how this takes us to a whole new level of "tourist" because, really, who takes pictures of the moon??

And lastly: Kayla took this picture of the "Russian hat" that I sometimes sleep in now due to the extreme cold. The heat in my apartment shuts off from 23:00-5:00 and it's unbearably freezing in the middle of the night. So, yes, I actually sleep in that hat sometimes. It's not a bad idea. And don't think I'm afraid to wear it in public, either.....mark my words: when it gets cold enough, just you wait and see.
Celeste said...

Aw how sweet- happy (belated) birthday! I'm so glad you got to spend time with Kayla :)

Anonymous said...

why does the heat turn off during the coldest time of the day?!!? that is insane. i would be so angry and probably sleep in a hat too

DiamondGirl said...

I know two people who would wear that hat while they are hunting... :)

Jan said...

That's funny about the 'moon'. I have looked at it some nights when I have a daughter in faraway and think "That's the same moon that they are looking at". Would asking your landlords to give you somemore heat do any good? I'm sure that's why your ear is stopped up.

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