Altstadt (Salzburg, continued)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Altstadt (old town) in Salzburg is the heart of the city. When I studied there in 2009, Caroline and I would walk through the Altstadt and see at least one person we knew (it's not that big of a city, you know. I always loved that). When Kayla and I were visiting last weekend, we wandered around the familiar streets and said things like, "Oh, that's a new store!" or "Good, I'm glad that's still there". We get a little annoyed with the city decides to change without letting us know first.

And that advertisement (above) says:
"Salzburg Christmas Market....get excited, it's coming soon!"
Oh, we are excited alright.
We'll be there the 2nd weekend in December.
And it will be magical.

How magical?
Jan said...

You're so lucky to be going there in December!!! I know it will be as magical as you hope for!!

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