Getreidegasse, Salzburg

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getreidegasse is the most famous street in Salzburg. I cannot tell you how many times I walked down this street during my semester there....probably once a day...if not more. Lindsay and I made quite a few trips to the McDonald's there (the 1€ milkshakes were our favorite thing...along with any kind of French fries....) and, in addition to McDonald's, there are awesome clothing stores to be found as well (ranging all the way from standards H&M, Zara and Mango to Louis Vuittoin and company). The best part is that almost every business/store advertises with wrought-iron guild sign which adds even more charm to the already enchanting street.

The Christmas lights are already up! :)
Can't wait for my next trip in December for the Christmas market. :)

PS - If you want to see it lit up at night...refer to this post from last year (the bottom picture).
And if you want to see it at Christmastime, find it in this post.

Jan said...

Yep, I remember that street because we took a picture of the McDonalds sign hanging over. I love the Christmas pictures of Salzburg - you are going to love it!!

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