greetings from italy

Monday, November 1, 2010

^^ out and about one night in bologna ^^

i have 10 days off of school for fall break.
i decided to go to bologna, italy.
erica lives in bologna. i love erica.
i'm staying with her at her gorgeous apartment.
i'm eating good food.
i'm enjoying her company and enjoying the city.
i actually haven't spent much money at all!
i'm proud of myself.
we celebrated halloween last night with 100+ other americans.
pictures and details forthcoming.
we also called our moms and our dads today.
we love our parents. :)
tomorrow i fly outta here
straight from bologna to krakow.
Janie said...

I loved talking to you today!!!

Jan said...

That comment is really from me - Jan!!!

DiamondGirl said...

How many people get to go to Italy and then take a flight to Poland during fall break?! Love that!!!

DiamondGirl said...

Oh and I forgot to comment on the beautiful face that was broken...DO WE REMEMBER????????????? OMGoodness,Yes! By the way, you are so beautiful. And on that beauty note, Cloie can't wait to show you her new flat iron. I finally gave in and she was so excited and talked about how much fun she will have playing beauty shop with you now that she has a flat iron. I don't think she has forgotten one thing you girls have ever done together. OH!!! This past weekend was the family Halloween celebration at First Baptist! It is an anniversary that makes my heart smile.

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