happy birthday lindsay!

Monday, November 29, 2010

today is lindsay's birthday. :)
(actually it was yesterday, but the video wouldn't post.)

i am so happy to make the following announcement:

in february 2011,
lindsay is moving to germany.
as in, the country where kayla and i currently reside.
more specifically,
she will be moving to the town of rosenheim.
as in, the town where kayla currently resides.
i. am. so. happy.
may i direct everyone's attention to
in which i forecast her and caroline's relocation.
we're only waiting for you now...

anyway, lindsay.
can't wait to see you.
can't wait to eat with you
(our favorite thing to do).
can't wait to cook with you
(which we like almost as much as eating).
don't forget, linds,
you were the one who taught me
"a little pesto goes a long way".
every time i make gemuese spaetzle,
i think of that quote from you.
literally, every time!

since kayla and i were together on your birthday,
we made you this video:

hope you like it, linds!

Lindsay said...

AHHHH!!!! im dying!! that was great guys and the whole thing is my favorite. i love you guys so much and cant wait to be there with you two!!! you both are the best :)

Kayla said...


Jan said...

Happy Birthday Lindsay!! What are the odds that you 3 would end up in Germany together after Salzburg?!!! The cupcakes looked good. Especially the holly, Kayla!! Good job. Hey Jennifer, we watched a few minutes of Elf the other night and saw where he said the 4 food groups were: Candy, Candy canes, Candy corn and maple syrup!!

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