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Monday, November 29, 2010

Under normal circumstances, I eat pretty healthily. For instance, soups and salads (with lots and lots of vegetables) have been my go-to foods lately, especially since it’s been so cold (there is nothing better than tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich on a cold day, in my opinion).

Whenever I have visitors, however, I seem to abandon all attempts at healthiness (and I’m kind of fine with that). Here are some of my go-to 'visitor meals'....and snacks.

I’ve never really been a Pringles fan (I prefer sweet to salty), but I have to admit that some of these flavors are a little addictive (like the ketchup one?! Oh my goodness – it sounds disgusting but it’s SO GOOD).

Veggie soft tacos with guacamole.  I found tortillas and avocados at the supermarket here – amazing!

This amazing baked macaroni & cheese (photo & recipe found via Celeste’s blog).

· My signature meal: Gemüse-Spätzle. I make this for every visitor and it's my favorite.

Oh and speaking of the aforementioned Celeste’s blog, she posted a little shout-out to me the other day. I have liked looking at her blog for awhile now but I knew I loved it when she ranked her favorite European cities after spending a year abroad and listed Salzburg as #2. J Thanks, Celeste, for the feature!
Roma said...

Hi there,
Just wanted to pop by and sya i absolutley adore your blog. The layout, images and beautiful, natural style you write with is brillo.

Now as to this food post (the best kind of posts :)!) At last someone else who appreciates the wonders of a grilled cheese sandwich! Was also reluctant to try those ketchup pringles, but you're right 'SO GOOD' sums it up! :)

p.s. I'm pretty new to this whole blogging thing and was wondering if you possibly had a spare minute to look at my blog? Love or detest it- any comment from a blogging pro like you would be really appreciated! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Your signature dish looks amazing! Thanks for stopping by Inspired Design... I am now following you. xo

Whitney said...

Mmm yummmy food!
I like Pringles too.
There's a 'loaded baked potato' and a 'pizza' and those are both YUMMY.

Jan said...

KETCHUP PRINGLES?!!! What is this world coming to??? The best pringles are sea salt and vinegar!!! Or regular ones! Or sour cream and onion!!! (In my opinion!)

Gudrun and Iris said...

woah, ketchup pringles, i am addicted to any pringles AND i love ketchup, disgusting or not, i buy ;)

Celeste said...

I love this post! I had ketchup chips in Greece and LOVED them.

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