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Friday, November 12, 2010

I wake up every morning at 6:30, press 'snooze' a few times, get up, brush my teeth, get dressed, stand in front of the hairdryer for 5 minutes to get warm, put my 5 extra layers on, step into my shoes, grab breakfast to go and am out the door by 7:20.

On Friday morning, I didn't have to be at work until 9:50, so I got to sleep a little later. I took my time getting dressed and actually straightened my hair. I always look professional at school but on this particular day, it was obvious I had taken more time to get ready.

I noticed in class that day that all of my students paid closer attention to me when I was teaching. Especially the boys.

Looks like I'm going to be wearing lipstick to school more often....

It made my job a lot easier.

*photo taken from my 21st birthday / i would never go to school wearing a black velvet cocktail dress
Celeste said...

Hahaha this is hilarious. I know that when I was little, I was always more inclined to listen to the "pretty" teachers :)

Jan said...

So now you'll have to get up a little earlier each day huh?!!

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