Polish food I'm currently obsessing over

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Polish food I'm currently obsessing over:

A cabbage coleslaw that I could eat by the gallon,

garlic and herb potatoes of which I have to stop myself from eating the whole pot.

awesome Pierogi .

and these Spinach "pancakes" (nalesniki, seen below) which are made from crepes, (sorta), and filled with spinach, feta and mushrooms and served with ketchup and melted cheese on top.

I've mentioned before how important ketchup is to Polish cuisine; it's the most important condiment. It could be considered its own food group in Poland. They put it on everything and I mean everything. They even put it on pizza. I've noticed that I have been eating it with everything here, too. They have dozens of different kinds of ketchup. My favorite is basil/oregano. Soooo yummers.

Jan said...

That dog is so precious!! Hey I could really feel at home in Poland if they love ketchup so much!!!

Kayla said...

I CAN NOT wait to go to Poland and experience this hospitality!!

Ashley Bagley Nielson said...

marcus just saw the ketchup post and he almost cried. he says it's the best!

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