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Friday, November 12, 2010

The above photo is one of my favorite pictures from Salzburg (and I'm choosing from a collection of over 1,000). It reminds me of when Kayla and I first met and fell in love with the city and the snow (and each other?) and realized a really incredible part of our lives had just begun. I just remember walking around the city in the snow; I would get chills (not from the cold, ironically) and think, ''This is going to be the time of my life''. I have never had a feeling like that before and haven't had one like it since. We all had that same feeling and we were right to have it. Anyway, I have mentioned a million times how synonomous the words ''Salzburg'' and ''Kayla'' are to me and perhaps that is why this photo represents so much to me.

The photo below was taken on Kayla's last day in Salzburg in June of 2009 (taken 6 months after the first photo; can we talk about how much ''fuller'' my face is??!). Caroline had already gone home so Lindsay, Kayla and I were the only 3 left (along with Robert - can't forget him). Since it was Kayla's last day, she wanted to eat at Cafe Mozart (one of her favorite places in Salzburg). We had a fun breakfast without really talking about the fact that we weren't sure the next time we'd all 3 be together again.

I will never forget the feeling in my stomach when I said goodbye to her at the train station. Saying goodbye to Caroline first, Kayla 2 weeks later and Lindsay 3 weeks after that was brutal. With each one's departure, I felt like I was losing a little part of me. I cried the hardest with Caroline, felt literally sick when Kayla stepped on her train and when Lindsay left, I just felt so, so alone. I was the only one from our whole program left in Salzburg, which I kind of appreciated because I got to say goodbye to the city in my own little way.

I have been back to Salzburg 5 times since I moved home in 2009. The most special of those times was with Lindsay. Since Lindsay was there with me in ''the beginning'', walking around with her and being reminded of all my priceless memories there wasn't so sad because at least I had a part of those memories there with me.

Kayla has been back to visit since as well (with her mom).

Tomorrow, we go back together.

I. can't. wait.
Kayla said...

YEAH! So excited to see you, Salzburg, Cafe Mozart, and all our other favorite places!

Jan said...

I know how excited you are for her to arrive. Can't wait to hear about your return to Salzburg!!

Lindsay said...

Im so excited for you twoo!!!! Its going to be so much fun :) i would tell you to take lots of pictures but I know thats a given. Love you both so much!

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