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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

caroline^^ me ^^

the last time the 4 of us were together was may 28, 2009.
i've seen them separately,
but separately is very different than the 4 of us together.
we have a very tight, very special bond
that is untouchable to anyone else.
after studying in salzburg together
(not having known each other before),
we cried our eyes out when we had to leave.
it's hard saying goodbye to the most beautiful city on earth
and the friends who go along with it.

an attempt to describe caroline:
caroline was my roommate!
my other half!
my protector, confidant, partner in crime, travel buddy, etc.
i've been back to salzburg with lindsay,
back there with kayla,
but not yet with caroline.
in fact,
no matter how good it feels to be back there
even with one of the "originals"
there's always a little something missing
when the group is incomplete.

all i have to say is:
i am here.
kayla is here.
lindsay gets here at the end of january.
and caroline gets here at the end of february.
it has been confirmed.
her ticket has been booked.
what i've wanted since may 29, 2009
is happening in 2 short months.
i am going to cry when we pick her up at the airport.
and continue to cry as we take the train
straight from the munich airport
to salzburg.
the 4 of us. :)
all will be right in the world.

* the funny thing about these 2 photos is that they were taken during one of my favorite nights of our "salzburg lives". it was the end of the year, our time was running out, but we were taking advantage of every opportunity to have fun and just be together. this was a student party and we stayed there 'til, like, 3 in the morning. what was so funny about that? i had a fever of 102, yet i was having the time of my life. i remember the bartenders were annoyed because i was only ordering water and i remember caroline yelling at them saying, "Sie ist krank! Sie hat Fieber!" (she's sick, she has a fever!). i also remember tim feeling my forehead and telling me, "you need to go home, right now. someone needs to take you home" but i refused. i was shivering yet also sweating. i came home and wrung my top out in the sink - it was soaking wet from sweat. i wish i could say i regret that but time with these girls was priceless to me....which is why i can't even begin to explain my excitement and anxious anticipation of the months to come. :)

Jan said...

Oh that's so great that she is coming for a visit. You guys will have so much fun!!

Angel Court Jewels... said...

So excited for you girls. I know you'll have a wonderful fun filled visit!!! My best friend and business partner will be visiting me starting today. She lives 6hrs away. Hope you get to try the cookie recipe. I made a batch last night. Yummy! Now I'm trying to have a little self control.


k said...

how exciting!!! and crazy store about the Fieber :)

Unknown said...

I am so excited for you! Having girl friends like this is a blessing.

I cannot believe you were out and about with a fever of 102. I would have been dead to the world! haha

AbbieBabble said...

Oh, HOORAY! Don't you love it when all your favorite people are in one place?

Barbara said...

oh i love it when you meet all your friends :) it is so difficult nowadays to arrange a meeting with so many things to do!!
you look so lovely together!

FräuleinCaroline said...

OMG jenni, you are really the best. your post brought tears to my AUGEN.
i cannot wait to see you.
i cannot wait to see linds and kayla.
i cannot wait to see roman and sergy.

Lindsay said...

eeeek!!!! its really so soon! i cant wait!!! it will be the two year anniversary of all of us meeting, how crazy!!! it still feels like yesterday

Kate said...

Oh my I have so much mad jealousy of you right now. I am in Europe right now and desperately want to go back to Salzburg (also my favorite city in the world)--but I also formed a friendship like you did with 4 girls and I know that without them nothing would be the same. I just hope someday I can have a reunion with them in Salzburg the way you're going to. Have a blast and say hi to our city and Caroline (although she may not remember me) for me!

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