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Sunday, December 5, 2010

We concluded our amazing, magical, blizzard of a Thanksgiving-weekend by wrapping up our Christmas movie marathon and drinking hot chocolate in our pajamas (while eating ''Lindsay's birthday cupcakes'' fresh from the oven). All I have to say is, subsituting soy milk for regular milk when making hot chocolate is a horrible, horrible idea (I love chocolate soy milk so I thought it'd be fine?). This ''Eskimo Cocoa'' was included in the care package sent by my sister (who lives in Alaska...obviously).

Movies watched:
The Holiday
Home Alone
Mircale on 34th Street (the new version...sorry, Mom)

I'm spending next weekend with Kayla and I'm considering buying Christmas Vacation on iTunes for us to watch. Maybe Kayla and I will find time to watch it during our Salzburg Christmas market weekend. We're definitely taking advantage of living in Bavaria this time of year, can you tell?
erica said...

Alaska Eskimo cocoa honestly could it get any cuter? Love this!


Lindsay said...

christmas vacation is the best.movie.ever. HAHAHAHAHA so funny! im laughing just thinking about it.

elventryst said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I've been perusing yours-- and I'm curious-- how did you end up in Austria? I'm a big fan of Germany, and I visited my brother when he was studying abroad at the university in Salzburg-- and I want to end up in that part of the world! I'm trying to teach myself German at the moment. What brought you over and how long do you plan to stay?


Kayla said...

You forgot to add "The Holiday" to our movie list!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i knew i forgot something.....added!

Anonymous said...

Elf is a riot.. I can watch it again and again. Actually I love all Christmas movies! xo

katherine rose said...

uhhhhhhh!!!! i am so jealous of you right now! i LOVE christkindlmarkt!!! i have so many ornaments from there, and i still think about the mulled wine and chocolate covered fruit.

hey and if you ever get a chance go to haus wartenburg (that is where I stayed the three months I lived there), it is a restaurant too, and it is probably the coziest place I have EVER been and the food is amazing!!

p.s. national lampoon's christmas vacation- favorite movie ever. i mean really- could you ever get any better than cousin eddie?!

haha. ok sorry for getting so excited. i will just live vicariously through you in salzburg!

Jan said...

I LOVE the Alaskan Cocoa picture. That could be Jessica and baby Gus in the picture. I've never seen Christmas Vacation. You should put that on your Christmas list. You probably won't need to watch any Christmas movies once you return to the states because you've already watched them there, huh?!!!

k said...

I loove salzburg!! but not christmas vacation, haha. my mom made us watch that every year...oh boy :) Maybe i would think it was funny now actually!

Brenna said...

Hehe I got a package too! And I watched love actually this weekend :)

Unknown said...

Elf is maybe the best Christmas movie ever made. lol love it.

Jessica and Patrick said...

I like how cliche the eskimo is and how the mug is an igloo.

Alex said...

Totally agree about the cinematography of 80s movies. Just can't handle it, save for a select few!

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