Monday, February 28, 2011

You know that thing where you list 7 facts about yourself and then tag other people?
Well, I was tagged by these cute girls: Vintch & The Many Colours of Happiness.
Here are my facts....presently a little differently than last time.

7 facts...some true, some false:

1. If I buy a box of cereal, I will most likely consume the whole box in one sitting (I get this from my dad).
2. I am the world's worst procrastinator (I also get this from my dad).
3. Sometimes, I can be a liiiiiittle too irrational about, well, lots of things (are we seeing a pattern here, dad? just kidding....kinda).
4. I am the youngest child and I have been told that I'm quite spoiled (which explains truth#3...and while we're on the topic, my dad is also the youngest, hmmmm...just sayin'.)
5. I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to Nutella but that doesn't stop me from occasionally submerging my face in the jar and/or eating it by the heaping spoonful (come to think of sound familiar? think: brownie pans.)
6. Salzburg is not my favorite city in the world. Why would you ever think that?
7. I would never consider using a chair as a coat rack for my 25+ coats and jackets. That's just silly.

Yes, obvioulsy 1-5 are true and 6&7 are false. Big surprise.
Oh and you know how I'm always wearing one of these headbands/earwarmers?
(My friend Emily calls them topless hats. I love it.)
Well, I've gotten quite a few comments asking me where to find them....
So, tomorrow, there will be a giveaway here....for a custom made earwarmer
via one of my favorite etsy sellers.
True, not false.
Mighty Burns said...

oh I love those! lol topless hats thats exactly what they are. I need one for sure.. instead I shamelessly use my bulky hair to protect my ears from the cold wind..

Megan said...

good. i better win. or you can't be my blogpop. consider that a threat.

A Gluten Freestyle said...

Topless hats - I LOVE that phrase!

mj said...

Oh those topless hats. I love your blouse in that last picture. Does it have embellishments on the collar or is it a scarf.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

thank you. no embellishments, just an american apparel circle scarf!

Kristy said...

Can I copy your post and pretend I was tagged?! :o) I like it!
P.S. you're super pretty in hats!

kate said...

i love salzburg!

many many years ago (geez that sounds like i'm eighty years old or something.) okay like ten years ago, when i was backpacking europe, a HUGE group of us played ice-soccer on the town center's ice-rink around christmas time. the cops came, and no spoke german. it was hilarious! (luckily they were nice and let us just leave the premises.)

what a happy memory.. (sorry for gushing my whole life story out in the is comment.)

cute "topless hat!"

Jan said...

"Why are you always picking on me?" from Daddy.

Anait said...

Haha, love this! Sounds like you and your padre have a lot in common :) Nothing, and I mean nothing, can stop me from submerging my face in a tub of nutella. One day, when I have multiple chins, it may be more difficult, but still not impossible ;) Hope you had a great weekend!

Kaitlyn said...

if i could "like" your mom's comment, i would. that pretty much goes for all of her comments.

For every Lady Goodman. said...

haha this is great!

ash said...

ooo i want a topless hat. genius.

Ashley said...

Ahh, I want a topless hat pick me pick me haha! :)) Nutella= greatest thing ever made!! xox

emily g. said...

you're friend emily sounds awesome!

....oh wait, these comments aren't anonymous.

Brooke T said...

love your hat! and I am a really bad procrastinator too!

Anonymous said...

okay SERIOUSLY- We are planning on going to Salzburg. Will you be there? Can we hang out?

also: i've never had nutella. it scares me. am i weird?

Nancy Face said...

I am EXACTLY the same with cereal...srsly! :)

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

leigh ann said...

You look SO gorg in that picture.
<3 leigh

*M* said...

Haha, I loved your facts!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad I'm not the only one who was obsessed with Buffy. ;)

Andrea Stevenson said...

Right with you on the cereal eating -love it!

Adorable blog:) I'm a new fan


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