Conversations with a Polish boy, part 3

Monday, March 21, 2011

[setting: driver around the apartment building, seen above....thanks google street view!]
me: why are there, like, 10 parking spaces for an entire apartment building??? we have been driving around foreverrrrrrrrrrrr.
him: see, that's the funny thing about communists, jenni. when they were designing the blocs, they didn't really care who had a parking spot and who didn't.

[disclaimer -- piotr used to live in england a couple of years ago....]
me: how long did you live in england?
him: 3 months.
me: is that how you learned to speak english so well?
him: yeah, i'd say it for sure got kinda better.
me: .....clearly.

[while listening to my iPod in the car]
him: you know what i don't get about kanye?
me: how he can be the most ego-driven human being on the planet?
him: no, why he says ''L.A. Lakers!'' every ten seconds of his songs.
me: ....i don't think he says ''L.A. Lakers!'' in a single one of his songs, piotr.
him: yes, he does. let me play it for you.
(30 seconds later)
me: piotr, he's not saying ''L.A. Lakers!'', he's saying ''L.A. Leakers!''. and that's not him saying it, either. that's a corrupt file which you obviously downloaded illegally. people leak songs online and then splice their name in there to promote themselves.
piotr: what?? who would share a corrupt file? i wonder who i downloaded it from....
me: .…most likely from the L.A. Leakers.

[and, lastly, the following conversation played out over text messaging...]
him: hey. i just wanted to tell you i really, really miss you today.
me: oh really?
him: kinda.

conversations part 2 and 1, here.
Magdalena Viktoria said...

great :)
I like both of your humors

Brooke T said...

hahah i don't think you know how much I got excited when I saw you had a new conversation post. I love it!

Anonymous said...

hahaha i am so glad that i read this this morning. except i look cray cray laughing to myself at my desk. that la leakers part made my whole entire day, possibly week. i emailed you back also!

Megan said...

these posts make me so happy. like, so so happy.

we are having a 6'6 blonde hair blue eyed german man living in our house for a week out of each month. (a friend of collins from the law school)

i thought i would share since you live in germany.

Jello♥ said...

i really enjoyed reading this. thanks!

Meg said...

HAHA! I'm dying! I love these posts!

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

So funny! I read the first one to my (Polish) dad just now and he said something along the lines of "in those times, no one had cars". Such a different world from what we're used to. We can never find a parking spot when we're going to see my grandparents!

That last one made me laugh out loud. I love these oh so much!

Jan said...

Ha Ha you guys are so funny!!

kylee said...

i know i tell you this every single time but really these posts are the best. you two are adorable together.

LL said...

i'm starting a one woman campaign to get you on twitter, if you dont already have it. i'm eating my words, because i'm pretty in love with it. and yeah, i only have 13 friends... because my friends despise twitter.

Dani said...

I loooove these convos Jenni! This is a winner series. I expect more. :)

Anonymous said...

haha, these always make me laugh out loud! and oh my gosh i love kanye!

leigh ann said...

Hahahaha, the last got me!! Love it. :) :)
<3 leigh

kimbirdy said...

i love your conversation posts. i always get such a great laugh. you guys are awesome!

Unknown said...

i just died over "oh ya i think i for sure got better" ohhhh piotr! keep these coming!

Mighty Burns said...

Lol I honestly wish you two had a show :)

Angelica said...

These made me laugh so much! :)
I once dated a swede, so I've totally been there.

.Jessica. said...

so cute!! love little moments =)

kim @ a positive peace said...

lol, i love the last conversation!! sounds like a conversation my bf and i would have !

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

These conversations make me laugh so much that I think I have gone through and read them all now.

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