my best friend gets married 1 week from today.

Friday, March 11, 2011

i've been doing little wedding-themed posts
in honor of my best friend's upcoming wedding.

i'd like to share some memories
because our friendship is pretty special to me,
in case you couldn't tell.

and in the spirit of this top 10-ness,
why not do my top 10 favorite kaitlyn memories?
{in chronological order}

1. Lucy and the Sky with Diamonds + June Carter

Kaitlyn and I met our freshman year in college (it sounds like I'm telling a "how I met my husband story"). We had a Spanish class together and would occasionally facebook each other for missed homework assignments (neither of us were ever especially great at going to class...which ended up being extremely dangerous/really fun for us as future roommates). The summer after my freshman year, Kaitlyn was working with my cousin at a summer camp and heard that I had been hospitalized in Mexico after an accident that had occurred during my internship there. She contacted me to tell me she was praying for me and hoped I was okay. For some reason, we messaged each other fairly consistently after that and started hanging out after we came back to school for our sophomore year. We spent Halloween together; her as June Carter Cash and me as Lucy in Sky with Diamonds. We got dressed up and then realized we didn't have anywhere to go. Yup. These kinds of things happened to us a lot.

2. Moving into 513 Gray Street

Some of the best memories in college/my-life-to-date happened in the house we shared on 513 Gray Street. I loved that house so much. I loved decorating it, sharing a room, staying up late talking & watching movies, staying up all night during finals week, making midnight runs to Sonic, etc., etc. I could actually list 100 things I miss about being her roommate at this house. The house was teeny tiny and so old and just adorable. It was within walking distance to campus and it was really the best house we could have asked for. Sigh.

3. Roommate Trips

If one of us went home on the weekends (her to Fayetteville, AK and me to Norman, OK), we'd always bring the other one along. It made the driving much more enjoyable and since we'd get separation anxiety if we were apart from each other for longer than 30 minutes, these trips were more than necessary.

4. Travel partners

The first big trip we took together (to Europe!) was very memorable. Neither of us had any idea how to navigate our way from country to country and, looking back - knowing what I know now - I often wonder how we made it home alive. Let it be a testament to how many hours my mother spends in fervent prayer for my safety.

5. Two words: Stella girl

Stella girl was Kaitlyn's puppy -- a miniature Schnauzer with more personality than me and Kaitlyn combined.  She was sooooooooooo cute and soooooooo crazy.  I always joke (is it a joke?) that I miss her more than Kaitlyn.

6. Starting a business together
A month after I returned from Europe and just a few weeks after Stella girl came into our lives, we started a very small (albeit very successful!) vintage clothing business, which I'm proud to stay is still alive and well. I owe her a lot for letting me be the bossy one/decision maker and because of her tolerance and patience with me, I'd say this little endeavor only made us closer.

7. Valentine's Day 2008

Well, let's just say that I got very sick on this night, only to find out that the toilet would not flush. I'm not sure why I feel okay sharing this with the world wide web, but I know Kaitlyn will laugh hysterically when she reads it. I came out of the bathroom and said, "Um, Kaitlyn? Will you help me with something?". After we tried flushing the toilet, plunging the toilet, pulling on the chain, etc., we realized this was a job for a plumber and not 2 young girls. The only problem was it was 8:00 pm on a Thursday night and we were leaving early the next morning to go to Arkansas for a long weekend. We knew we couldn't ignore this predicament for the duration of the 3 day we (this is the part I can't believe I am typing right now) used a ladle and a plastic container to transport the vomit in the toilet from the bathroom into the backyard. We were both so disgusted/laughing so hysterically that we had tears streaming down our faces. I think at the end of the night it was Kaitlyn who looked at me and said, "I can't believe that's how I just spent my Valentine's Day." I mean, that's a true friend, am I right? Oh and we obviously threw that ladle and container away.

8. Dance parties

We hosted some of the best dance parties at 513 Gray Street. Our parties varied from being open and inclusive to incredibly exclusive (meaning 4-6 people). For instance, one time we had a Halloween party a week after Halloween, which 5 people attended. I had been in the hospital the day before Halloween and Kaitlyn, knowing how much I had wanted to dress up & celebrate, suggested that we host a little Halloween gathering the next weekend. This ended up being one of my favorite parties I've ever been to, let alone hosted.

9. Jimmy

Speaking of that Halloween I am as Edie Sedgwick, with our friend Jimmy as Bob Dylan. There's Kaitlyn on the right, as a flapper. Jimmy came to our university from Arkansas through a semester exchange program and became something like a 3rd roommate. We saw him every night. Between his love for Stella girl, his hilarious Jimmy Stewart impressions and his culinary superpowers, he made our lives really, really special (not to mention super dramatic, at times). I loved the 3 of us.

10. Our going away party
Kaitlyn decided to transfer to the U of A to be closer to her family and I decided to move to Salzburg. These decisions would end up being arguably the best decisions we've ever made, as her decision led her to meeting her future husband and mine led me to Salzburg, which changed my life forever. We had a going away party for ourselves (yeah, we're those kinds of people) the last night of finals' week. I loved this night so much; it was really bittersweet. Moving out of 513 Gray Street was so tough. I remember sitting on the bed and crying, saying to Kaitlyn, "I know I'm going to love Salzburg but I've loved my life here so much with you". She really made my college life so wonderful. I mean, I truly loved college SO much because of her (and Stella girl, too - who are we kidding?). I hate to imagine how that time of my life would have played out had she not been a part of it. I can tell this girl anything with 100% confidence that she will love me regardless.

I love my life now and know that she really loves her life now (she's about to get married, after all) but I think our lives back then weren't so bad either. :)

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

hehe i love this! best girlfriends are the best. my fave picture might have to be the first one - love the costumes!

Abby said...

this is so cute! I love roommate dance parties! they are the best!!

Brissa said...

this post makes me love my friends even more. i love your "special pitcher" and dance parties.

Kristy said...

I am lucky to have college besties too. We made a pack that we'll meet up 3 times a year no matter what! We all live in different states and one moved to Botswana but we still do it. It's been 7 years since we graduated and it's the best! That was a great post about your bestie! Can't wait to see her wedding picture!

LL said...

ah! this post made me cry. tissue? emotional much?
black dress=phenom.

Jan said...

I loved having Kaitlyn join us in Europe. Poor thing though - she had to ride in the back of the SUV we rented in Ireland!! (and with Jack driving on the wrong side of the road - this wasn't easy!!!) And I loved Stella in Stillwater - such a sweet dog!!

artichoke said...

Aw, how exciting! You two are lucky to have a friendship like that. I'm sure you'll remain close no matter the distance between you :)

E. Charlotte said...

What a fantastic post! It was great to hear about you two and how your friendship grew. I'm glad you two have each other!

James Lepine said...

i smiled through most of this, but my face lit up at number nine. i count myself lucky to have been included in y'alls friendship... (ps i hung out with kaitlyn and ty last weekend and i really wish you could've been there too)

Anonymous said...

the vomit story is HILARIOUS.

kimbirdy said...

oh man, you guys are way too cute!! i love having friends like that with which you have so much history and fantastic memories. i hope she's keeping sane this close to her wedding! the week before mine, a very dear friend came to stay with me and slipped me cocktails when things got intense. that was awesome! i don't know your friend at all, but you know... just a little advice. :)

Alli said...

#7 Really had me going! What a great friend. Amazing that you can meet such wonderful people in your life isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Where would we be with out our best friends?! Love this. I can just picture the two of you all decked out in Halloween costumes with nowhere to go! hee hee xoxo

Brooke T said...

you guys are so cute! I need a bff like that! ha and thank you for your comments! I can't even imagine how that must have been for you! I am SO glad you have your hearing back too :)

Chelsea Finn said...

I lovd each and every story! The toilet one made me laugh really hard, that is something my friends and I probably would've come up with too. Haha. It's inspiring to know you can meet such wonderful best friends whenever and not just when you're a little kid! :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Unknown said...

Jenni, this post is amazing. I HONESTLY can't believe you shared that toilet story, so funny! :P so glad you have such an amazing friendship, I really loved reading about it :) you are both so beautiful!


sarah said...

You also forgot to mention that you had a GOSPEL class together your freshman year!

Alex said...

Having a friend like that is so special. I mean after cleaning out an icky toilet together, you know that's a friendship that will last!

Mighty Burns said...

aw this is such a sweet post! #7 made me about die! I had a somewhat similar time with a friend I concider to be my soulmate. She too is getting married this June!
You two look beautiful and happy in everyone of these pictures!

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