my best friend got married 2 weeks ago today

Friday, April 1, 2011

and let me tell you, i am obSESSED with her photos.
they were taken by tanja heffner.
(who's german, by the way! and also, um, stunningly gorgeous.)
i emailed tanja the second i saw these photos
and asked if i could post them.
she graciously obliged, so here they are.
(i know my mom will want to see these.)
oh and i think her dress is the most beautiful one i've ever seen.

isn't it so flattering? and i love the bow.
i love, love, love that she's wearing a cardi with it, too.

her new last name - so short and sweet.

and i'd also like to mention
that kaitlyn messaged me the day after her wedding
(on her honeymoon, no less; that's devtion)
and told me she loved this video.
i talked to her again today over fb chat
and these are my favorite quotes from our conversation:

"do you love my wedding?"
{this might not make sense to you but it makes total sense to me}

"i guess my blog is going to become one of those married people's blog now."
{it's so true, huh?}

"i've stopped going to class now...hope i graduate!"
{sounds familiar to me...i'm flashing back to our roommate time together in college, kaitlyn.}

that's all. thanks, tanja, for the photos! they are just perfect.
Holly said...

gorgeous photos :)

Jan said...

Love her dress!! So sorry I didn't get to go to the wedding. :(

Candice said...

Beautiful!! I'm in love with the dress..that bow.

Brissa said...

she is stunning!! i love everything about each photograph.
pure class.

kimbirdy said...

oh her wedding looks so sweet! and i love princess lasertron's creations. the stitching around the felt is adorable! and galoshes?! oh so cool. :)

Anonymous said...

love those felt flowers!

Megan said...

drooling over her dress.

Brittany said...

thanks for all of your sweet comments on my blog! your blog is so lovely and your friend looked beautiful!! i'm a new follower! :)

christine donee said...

dress + rubber boots = my kind of gal

Unknown said...

Wow. These are so incredibly gorgeous!!! I am so in awe. She is such a stunner!

kylee said...

gorgeous bride. big fan of the cardi toooo. also i love that i'm not the only one skipping class. i seriously need to find my motivation.

Becca said...

o my goshhh these are great!

It is def wedding season, one of my best friends was married last weekend and my other bff is getting married in 2 weeks!

lovely blog xo

Chelsea Finn said...

Oh my goodness! There are so many things I love about these photos. The dress, your friend is beautiful, the bow, the cardi, the boots! I love it all. These photos are gorgeous. :)

And you are one of my favorite blogger friends too!! :) I am so happy to hear that. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Abby said...

gorgeous! love love love love her dress!

Ashley said...

I loveeeeeeee her rain boots they are so adorable! She looks gorgeous what a beautiful dress and her hair is stunning! :))

lauren said...

what amazing photos. her dress is to die for, and her bouquet is adorable! plus! she gets to keep it forever. i was so sad when mine died. lucky her! she's beautiful!

bridget anne said...

Lovely! And you're such a sweet friend. Thank you for all your darling comments on my blog -- I'm happy to be following yours!

Whim Wham Life said...

Stunning! And that bouquet is too darn cute! xoxo

l.c.s. said...

these pictures are SO cute. thanks for reading my blog. i am a follower of yours now too!


Celeste said...

ahh what a gorgeous bride and groom! i especially love the rain boots :)

Nicole Marie said...

obsessed with her dress!!

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