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Sunday, October 9, 2011


Last year, when I was living in Bavaria, I was teaching English.
I’m doing the same thing this year, but I’m living in a new city (Dresden).
The students at my school last year liked me….well enough, you could say.
To be honest, I think they could take me or leave me.
The students at my school this year, however….
I think they have mistakenly confused me for a celebrity.
They are hilariously obsessed with asking me SO many questions.
Questions in German, questions in English….
questions in the classroom, questions on the playground…
questions before, during, after class…
you get the point.
Here are some of my favorites that have been asked so far:

  • “Do you like to read books about crime?”
  • “Do you like your sisters or do you hate your sisters?”
  • “Is that a dress you are wearing or is it a skirt PLUS a shirt?”
  • “Do you have SO many shoes at your house in America?”
  • “Have you ever seen a pencil this small?”
  • “Can you eat lunch with us in the cafeteria?  Do you want us to save you a seat?”
  • “Do you see SO many Hollywood stars at home?”
  • “’Why do you have a big scar on your hand?”
  • “Have you ever met Justin Bieber?”
  • “You said your parents have 4 dogs…. which one is your favorite and which is your least favorite?”
  • “My friend wants to know if she can take a picture of you.  …well, can she?”
These questions came from my 6th grade girls.
I teach 12 English classes a week,
ranging from the 5th grade to the 10th grade level.
And while I like all the classes….
these girls might make me laugh the most.
I think you can understand why.
Abby said...

How cute! Of course we meet lots of hollywood stars here in america, they are everywhere :) hahaha love it.

Candice said...

Aww it sounds so fun! I would love to do that..Lucky you!

choose to be happy blog said...

i want to quit my job and teach there with you! this is the CUTEST! right up there with the letters your students wrote you.

i love the dress question. legitimite question girls! one can never be too sure.

so cute please post more of this celeb jenni!! do they know your a famous blogger? oh that might just be TOO much for them!

liz said...

Haha! They ask the funniest things. How fun!

Kimberly Bird said...

Haha, too funny! I just left an awesome teaching job in Hungary for an adult teaching job in Estonia, and I dare say, teaching adults is nice because of the drama-freeness, but teaching kids is genuinely hilarious! Glad you wrote down the quotes, it's amazing how fast those can be forgotten :)

Madeline said...

This should be a new series ;)

kaity said...

hahahaha "have you met Justin Bieber?" :] man, the Biebs is just everywhere. you can't escape the little guy.

Unknown said...

haha thats so cute! :D

Anonymous said...

i hope you're telling them you've met justin bieber and you see hollywood stars everywhere. i mean, you wouldn't want to crush little girls' dreams, would you?


L!$@ said...

That's hilarious! :D I look after 2 girls after school 3 days a week and sometimes they ask the funniest questions. You have to love it :D

Ahn said...

you need to start answering yes to the bieber question and then come up with a different story every time about how you know him.

Anonymous said...

i think it should be a series too!

xoxo jen

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

this is so cute! i felt that way when we were in the Philippines teaching. it's such a strange and funny experience. :)

Erin said...

Sounds like Dresden is going great so far! Those girls sound too cute. And of course, you did tell them you see celebrities all the time in Oklahoma, right?

Jan said...

How cute, I love kid's questions!!

Jenny N said...

aww, they think you're really cool! how fun!

sarah nicole said...

Adorable! Aren't kids the best? I should start writing down the funny things that my kiddos say. One of my faves from this year: "Are you single and/or do you have a daughter my age?" Oh, middle school boys... : )



RetreatingAndAdvancing said...

I don't get the point; why does everybody seems to adore justin bieber?!
You're kids sound so cute! My brother is going to be a teacher in three years, I'm really looking forward to his stories.

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

Ah precious! Maybe they aren't as used to Americans as the Bavarians - who knows. But whatever reason it is, keep it up! So fun when the kids love you!

Anonymous said...

awww :)

Unknown said...

hehe. I love this! Kids say the funnies things!

Nicole Marie said...

that is so cute! my kids are obsessed with my dogs. they ask me about them every day almost and want to see pictures all the time

Anonymous said...

hilar! i love their questions. i bet those girls are fun.

Anonymous said...

love the questions of those little girls. i have some of my own...

oh please, pretty please answer my questions:

can you tell us about how you got into your english teaching position there? do you have a masters in teaching or certificate? or did you just need a basic TEFL? or a TESOL? basically, what are the requirements and how did you come upon the position? do you need a workers permit? etc, etc.

i would be really grateful if you could take the time to explain this part of your life to your readers. thanks in advance! :)

Jen said...

6th grade girls....lol I remember 6th grade and this sounds about right. =)

Megan said...

can i come over and be your TA for a day?

oh please.

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