the funniest conversation i’ve ever been a part of? quite possibly.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

(photo of my school!)

when i was applying for my fulbright grant, however many years ago, i often stopped and envisioned what it was i was trying so desperately to achieve.  did i want to move back abroad?  yup.  did i miss my salzburg lifestyle – the traveling to other countries at the drop of the hat?  duh.  did i want to make more international friends?  of course.  did i want the title?  absolutely.  did i want to represent my university, my state, and my country to the best of my ability?  certainly.  did i want to help german-speaking children/teens improve their english?  sure.  did i want to perfect my german in the process?  yes, yes, a thousand times yes.  my ambitions were both self-serving and altruistic (i’ll let you decide the ratio), but there was one benefit of being an english teacher in germany that i never foresaw; the hilarity that is almost each and every conversation with my students and the laughter that results from it.  seriously, i know all teachers have cute stories about their students but i like to think mine are extra funny.  if you don’t believe me, read the conversation below.  but if you’re not a harry potter fan, then just forget it.  

sweet little german girl:  do you like harry potter?

me:  yes, i do.

sweet little german girl:  do you love harry potter?

me:  yes, i do.

sweet little german girl:  do you love snape?

me:  i do!  he is the best character of the whole series.

sweet little german girl:  do you love malfoy?

me: mmmm, no. 

sweet little german girl:  what about crabbe and goyle?

me: ….no.

sweet little german girl:  what about borgin & burkes?

me:  i probably wouldn’t go into borgin & burkes.

sweet little german girl:  do you like snakes?

me:  no.

sweet little german girl:  why not?

me:  well, they’re scary…to me.

sweet little german girl:  which house would you be sorted into?

me:  ya know, i think i’d be a hufflepuff.  maybe ravenclaw, but probably not.  and i don’t think i’m brave enough for gryffindor.  i’m guessing you’d be a slytherin?

sweet little german girl:  [30 seconds of silence  pass as she stares at me with a look of horror on her face]  I. HATE. SLYTHERIN!!!!!!!!!!! I’M IN GRYFFINDOR!!!!!!!!!!!!  WHY WOULD YOU EVER THINK I’D BE IN SLYTHERIN?!?!  THAT IS SO OFFENSIVE!!!

…yup.  happy wednesday!
emily g. said...

AH-mazing. you were right. Love.

Unknown said...

um. thats awesome.

RetreatingAndAdvancing said...

hahahaha that's amazing! And you're totally right: Snape is without any doubt the best character of the whole series!

Anonymous said...

hahaha that is so cute.

Emma Frances said...

Best. Conversation. Ever! Haha. She totally sounded like a Slytherin to me too.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

@everyone, i should mention she also kept saying, "i have RED HAIR and GLASSSES. ...I'M A WEASLEY." in the midst of the outburst. so cute.

ps - she really does look like a weasley.

Alex said...

hahahahahahaha I love her passion!! And the fact that she looks like a Weasley.

kellichristinecase said...

this is the best thing ever! GRYFFINDOR FOR LIFE!

Brissa said...

really? how can she not see that based on her response she's clearly a slytherin.
silly little german girl.


Gentri said...

Hahahahaha! Love it. :) that's too funny. :)
I'm having a giant giveaway and you should enter if you like!

Megan said...

i love that this actually happened.

Sarah said...

Aww. That's too funny. I'd probably be in Slytherin...Haha.

Jessica said...

Aww, that conversation is so cute.

You look amazing.

leigh ann said...

I love it! :)
Apparently, I'm Hufflepuff. Darn online quizzes suck you in every time. ;)
Love, Leigh

Emily said...

Oh kittle Weasley with a Weasley temper, how I love thee.

nova said...

"That is so offensive" hahaha

Sarah said...

love the pic by the library. GO POKES

Jeneric Generation said...

Hahahaha. A certain German professor didn't get sarcasm either, if I recall.

kylee said...

hands down the best student-teacher conversation everrrrr.

LL said...

i guess not everyone is flattered to be called a slytherin. who knew?

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

hahahahahaha what a trip!!!!!!

L!$@ said...

Oh kids! They are hilarious...and apparently very passionate about Harry Potter! :D

Unknown said...

just shared this with my cousins - it makes me laugh just thinkign about it :)

Taylor said...

this is hilarious.

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