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Monday, February 20, 2012

(eva & me at a party during our summer in vienna)

eva, my austrian bff, studied abroad in the US during her teen years and speaks perfect english with absolutely no accent whatsoever.  can i just say for the 100th time how extremely rare this is?!  what’s even more impressive to us americans who know/love her is that her sense of humor is so american; we never have to stop and explain a beat of our sarcasm because she never misses one.  i can’t say this about any other euro friend i have…and i have a lot of ‘em!  while i firmly believe that cultural differences make the world go ‘round, sometimes it’s just so nice to have someone who understands you that well.  i feel like i grew up with this girl (when, in reality, where i grew up is a far cry from the alps). 

eva and i recently skyped, and even without the context of our conversation, i think the excerpts below stand alone as pretty darn funny.  and if you don’t find them amusing in the slightest, you can at least admire her american-sounding-ness, can’t you?
“i mean, he’s kind of a psycho, but a really sweet psycho, don’t you think?”
“you’ll move to vienna next, right?  i mean, it’s not even a question.  you don’t even have a choice.  because my apartment is huge and i only take up 1/4 of my bed, so the other 3/4s are just calling your name.”
“skyping with you makes me realize how much i miss your hair.”
“and then, as we girls do, i broke up with him because i liked another boy who, turns out, didn’t like me back! whaaaat?!”
“oh, one more thing!  when you move back to vienna, will you be my maid?  i could probably pay you sometimes.”
she’s the greatest.  end of story.
Barbara said...

You should totally take her up on that offer to live in Vienna :) I know I would!

kellichristinecase said...

there is just something that a hilarious conversation with a good friend does for a girl.

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Sounds like you have a fabulous bff!! You two are a funny pair!

Alex ~

Amy Harris said...

i love friends for this very reason! sometimes the most random conversations end up being the best ones :)

Unknown said...

Eva sounds like just the sort of European bff everyone needs--her comments are priceless!

And definitely take her up on her offer of Vienna--3/4 of a bed is a good offer!

Diana Mieczan said...

She sounds like a fantastic friend and I adore Skype as well. Have a wonderful day, sweetie. xo

Alex said...

I think I'd get along with her fabulously.

Nikki said...

I miss your hair too! Is it still, like, 100 feet long, I assume?

Nikki said...

I miss your hair too! Is it still, like, 100 feet long, I assume?

Nikki said...

OMG sorry...I'm going to get this comment thing under control one day, I swear.

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

This reminds me that I really should write down conversations and quotes more #epic

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