beware the ides of march.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

i suppose that if i wanted to be really cute and clever about this, i’d have scheduled this post for march 15.

but sometimes, really important things (read: all things ryan-gosling-related) just can’t wait.  speaking of – did anyone else notice the alarming lack of ryan gosling at the oscars tonight?  i, for one, found it very offensive.

anyway, we all know that if i’m going to be talking about any movie in march, it will be the hunger games.  so without further ado, i present to you… the ides of march.


during what i so originally declared “ryan gosling movie week” (otherwise known as the week following a surgery i had), i laid around all day long, watching – you guessed it – ryan gosling movies (one of which was documented here).


i know i ranted and raved about drive, but i think i might have liked ides of march better.  i’m not sure.  i watched it twice in a row, which is something i often do, mostly because i studied film a little bit in college and grew accustomed to watching movies over and over and over again (in order to get those 1,000 or 2,000 or however many movie-related words out of my head and onto the paper) as a result. 
{if you’re thinking that i mention this whole ‘studying film in college’ thing a lot, you’re correct.  in fact, you could probably base a drinking game on the frequency with which i weave that information into my blog posts.  what can i say? i loved my film classes.}
after watching this movie twice, i was (and still am) aching to discuss the ending with someone.  i have so many theories!  there’s theory #1 (supported by the works of william shakespeare) as well as theory #2 (which falls under the ‘laughing in the face of idealism’ umbrella) and i just want to discuss these theories with someone


but alas, there will be no discussions here.  because i don’t want to spoil the ending of what i think is a great movie.  so, instead, i’ll safely note that  ryan gosling and evan rachel wood have a lot of chemistry in this movie, and i think that surprised me a little bit.  i mean, it’s not ‘ryan gosling + emma stone in crazy stupid love chemistry’, but it’s close! 
{can we pause for a second and imagine something?  if that it-girl (emma) and this it-guy (ryan) were a real life couple?   just think of it – the 2012 world would explode!}
but i digress.  what was i talking about?  oh yeah, the ides of march.  i really liked it.  the end.
p.s. eva mendes is stupid.

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jessica said...

Eva Mendes is stupid.

Also, have you seen Lars and the Real Girl? So good!

Unknown said...

Oh, I wanna see this movie! Also, I must agree, Ryan and Emma would make a fantastic couple. But, it would make me one jealous girl.

Barbara said...

Totally agree about Eva! Really want to see this movie.

Cody McWilliams said...

Lars and the Real Girl is the best. Watch it now. And thank you so very much for posts about my Ryan. I love him dearly.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

I did like Lars and the Real Girl. It's not one of my absolute favs but I thought he was perfect in it.

Julia said...

Hi Jenni, i have just found your blog via Brunch in April. Im also living in Germany but originally im from Hungary and im so happy that Budapest is included in your top ten city list :))

Julia said...

ps: i also started following your blog :)

Anonymous said...

ooh. I want to watch this.

Unknown said...

I couldn't believe Ryan Gosling wasn't at the Oscars either--I missed his face!

And Eva Mendes is stupid--I just don't get her!

Emily said...

How have we not talked about how stupid Eva Mendes is in person? Because she is and we should talk about it.

Erica said...

he is so sexy. and i was SO upset that he wasn't at the oscars last night. how could he do that to us?

Alyx said...

I feel like I need to hunt this movie down now.

Maria Larsen said...

Ooh! I want to go watch it even more now. Besides, do you ever really need an excuse to watch a Ryan movie? I think not.

Sara said...

Ummm let's talk about the ending!!!

Brissa said...

she really is.

now all i want to do is have a gosling-athon.

kim @ a positive peace said...

Ok yes let's discuss ending!! I watched it by myself and my only other friend that has seen it does not agree with my idea of how it ends!!

Also I just saw the descendants yesterday and I'm realizing I've had a lot of George clooney in my life lately!

Alex said...

Eva Mendes is one of the worst actresses EVER.

Simply Valorie said...

I'm pretty sure if Ryan and Emma got together, the world would literally implode and we'd all die but we'd be happy because it was be GLORIOUS.


Just found your blog through Adventures of an American Girl and love it! New follower. :)

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