the best way to travel (my family goes to paris)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

day1aDSC03216 (3)
airport exhaustion
exhausting layovers
paired with flights that never seem to end,
on top of hour-long lines winding through customs
followed by standing at the baggage claim carousel for what feels like forever…
being able to travel is a huge blessing
and i hope to always be able to visit new cities and experience new cultures
but sometimes….traveling sucks.
and after traveling alone for quite some time,
i’ve come to one conclusion in particular:
never again will i take family trips for granted.
family makes everything better.
and if it doesn’t make everything better, it at least makes everything funnier.
that much, i know for sure.

michelle marie said...

YAY for your return to europe!!!!!

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

company while traveling is always better, especially with the people you love. ODd how it's nice even to have people to take frustrations out on, guilty. Looking forward to more Europe posts, glad you're back in action!

Maria Larsen said...

Yay yay yay on your trip to Europe! This is so exciting!

Anonymous said...

yay Jenni! You and your sisters are stunning.

Devin said...

Haha, I know exactly what you mean! Traveling with family makes it seems just a little easier. When you're alone, the hours feel like they tick by twice as slow!

Unknown said...

Yay for Europe!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex said...

You're back?! Hooray!

Unknown said...


And I love travelling with family too it makes it so much better especially as I am like a child and need constant entertainment and get bored in like a second.

Unknown said...

traveling with family does make everything funnier - except when that family consists of little babies - then it just makes everything louder :)

She Sailed the Sea said...

Come visit me in Liverpool :)))))))))) You've got a place to stay!!!

liz said...

So glad you're back in Europe! Can I please come live with you? I need a fix. :)

Unknown said...

You're back in europe?!?!?! YAY!

I love you! And you're right, family makes everything better!

<3 Daryl

Anonymous said...

i think daryl forgot the disclaimer in the 10 seconds it took to open the comment form ;) haha

while i hated traveling with my family sometimes in the US because my dad snored like a freight train in hotel rooms and my sisters and i would nearly throw fists...i would give ANYTHING to be able to do it again. i love traveling alone and i love traveling with my boyfriend, but traveling with family is something super special. i was very fortunate to spend my childhood traveling the world and all over the US and my fondest memories of cities are my first times visiting them with my family. :) and goodness it is so cool seeing how much you and your family all looks alike!!! isnt it wonderful having two sisters?! i personally love it :)

Unknown said...

Traveling with family is definitely funnier than alone! haha. I wish I could travel more!


Kristina said...

Nice memories - and you are right, traveling sometimes really sucks.... As I have been traveling what feels like 100s times for business the last four years, I am so fed up with airports, customs, immigration etc... :) But in the end I think it is a love-hate relationship... I still get this excited when entering an airport - new adventures wait :)

Antoinette Musik said...

How awesome that you get to travel with your whole family!!! Have a fabulous time. I'm excited to see photos of your holiday.

Barbara said...

Reading some of these comments, I was beginning to think I was the only who picked up you weren't actually in Europe (Sorry to bring that up again). You're right though, all of the bad things about travelling are actually what make it so great. Well....maybe not the carousel thing... that's the worst!

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