some of my favorite paris memories

Wednesday, March 14, 2012




some of my favorite memories of paris with my family:

+eating ice cream every day, twice a day (ice cream that my mom famously deemed, “the best ice cream in ameri—i mean, paris”).

+ sending my parents on a surprise dinner cruise along the seine river

+ meeting up with my sisters at the H&M counter with clothes piled up to my eyeballs (we’re not going to talk about how much money i spent there)

+spending an afternoon getting lost in top shop (again, choosing to ignore the amount of money spent there)

+perusing local shops and street markets, bringing home fresh food each day to the quaint little loft we rented

+watching three of my family members order cokes at an outdoor restaurant and observing the look of horror on my dad’s face when he realized each beverage was 7 euro 50 (over $10)

+somehow experiencing no jet lag whatsoever, and having enough energy to cartwheel in front of the eiffel tower as the sun went down

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

omg sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. Oh and how sweet of you guys to book your parents on a surprise dinner cruise.

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

Whoa those ice cream cones are legit, like way more ice cream holding friendly. I never thought the French to be so tactile.

emily g. said...

my favorite memory with your family in Paris was that time I couldn't tell if it was your or your sister in any of the pictures!

Unknown said...

I had the best ice cream in Paris it was delicious--I could go back right now.

Anonymous said...

Family time is the best...especially in Paris :)

My-cliffnotes said...

Uhh I love Paris, I didnt have jet lag either!! Must be the amazing city!

I spent way too much shopping there too, ooops.

Alyx said...

Bahahaha, "the look of horror when he realized each beverage was 7 eur 50" <-- I still have that look of horror every time I set foot in a restaurant! I've trained myself to not need beverages when I eat... lol

Simply Valorie said...

Yeah, trips to Europe trained me to not need sodas, haha.

Those are great memories! And don't worry, I dropped $130 (US) at H&M in twenty minutes flat the other day - you're not alone!

grrfeisty said...

i am going to paris this summer! if you have any tips please share :)

Irene said...

oh how i miss paris!!! :(

Unknown said...

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Erica said...

i want to go to paris.

the end.

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