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Friday, June 22, 2012

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left:  kaitlyn’s last meal in europe  (taking place in front of a western union, of course)

right:  saying goodbye to kaitlyn at the crack of dawn, before she headed to the airport


summertime in rome is hot, hot, h-o-t hot.  kaitlyn ended her euro visit in the ancient city, which made her all the more ready to get back to arkansas. 

i’ve mentioned before that i don’t care much for italy’s capital, and i think it’s safe to say kaitlyn doesn’t either.  on her very last night, after spending way too much money on gelato (our fault, for choosing a place far too touristy), we walked into a hotel room that felt like a fiery furnace.  i went to bed with soaking wet hair and open windows (what else do you do when air conditioning doesn't exist?) and woke up with a lion’s mane of tangles and curls.  (kaitlyn titled that photo of said lion mane, “saying goodbye to kaitlyn and saying hello to a  mop on your head”.)

i decided to stay in rome for awhile by myself, which was….interesting.  details forthcoming.


happy friday!



christine donee said...

i'll take any gelato. even expensive touristy kind.

Pretzel Thief said...


Now, I'm not laughing AT you (hee!)...just at the sleep- and heat-induced lion's mane.

And your "Can't. Wake. UP" expression.

Tiiiiime and time again I've suffered the same hairdo(n't) fate as a result of heat/sleep and, well, I totally empathise.


Ah, hair!

(It's interesting, a lot of people don't really care for Rome, my best friend included...I haven't been myself!)

Dilan Dilir said...

happy friday to you,too!

Brissa said...

you're like the ultimate adventurer. "i decided to stay in rome for awhile by myself." who does that?! you. if only i had the [figurative] balls to travel and visit countries by myself.
sidenote: i don't care if it looks like a mop, i'm jealous of your curls. jealous.

Maria Larsen said...

Hopefully I'll be in Italy next summer studying abroad, but thankfully we won't be spending much time in Rome! It seems awesome to visit for a little bit, but I'm all up for the more authentic Italian side of things!

Amber Nicole said...

I love reading this! Your adventures, I just love them!

Alana said...

Can't wait to hear about your solo Roman adventures! Those men can be quite...uh...persistent, can't they?

Alana said...

Can't wait to hear about your solo Roman adventures! Those men can be quite...uh...persistent, can't they?

Ariel Tyler Henley said...

hah! Love this! My hair pretty much looked like that my ENTIRE time in Europe. But girl- you rock it! haha. :)

Jeneric Generation said...

I have spent a lot of time wondering why the few people who LOVE Rome, love it. I have come to the conclusion that they are usually people who are not on the backpacker's budget. Perhaps if we had never ridden the subway, or slept in a building with Peter Pan murals, my impression of Rome would be different?

Jeneric Generation said...

P.S. I love your mop. And what Kaitlyn titled it.

Ashley said...

haha this is so funny. im excited for more details :)

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