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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

recipe for a perfect weekend

an outdoor temperature of 106 or higher

1 large pool (hot tub optional)

2 good friends

1-2 trips to taco bueno

2-3 servings of ice cream to follow

half a dozen fits of belly-aching laughter

8-10 solid hours of uninterrupted, dead-to-the-world sleep


lately, my weekends have resembled all of the above.

it makes me wish this summer was an endless one.

but i have a good feeling about fall, too. ;)

also, word to the wise:

when three girls are home alone and going for a little midnight swim,

playing the game, “no, listen to this story; it’s much creepier”

or asking, “hey, does that chimney up there kind of look like a man’s on the roof?”

is really just…not the best idea.

i momentarily considered sleeping behind the pool waterfall

so as to shield myself from said roof-man.

but! the orange sherbet awaiting me inside was enough to lure me in.

thankful for orange sherbet today, and all days.

Pretzel Thief said...

"[...] playing the game, 'no, listen to this story; it’s much creepier' or asking, 'hey, does that chimney up there kind of look like a man’s on the roof?' is really just...not the best idea."


I'll say!

That waterfall thingie over the pool? Um, AMAZEBALLS. And you all look great!

Happy (continued) summer times to you!

Anonymous said...

if your weekends resemble the above then they look PERFECT to me.

AbbieBabble said...

Yep, I'd say that sounds like a fairly perfect weekend to me, too!

Emily said...

We really know how to have fun. And also terrify ourselves.
But mainly fun.

Jeneric Generation said...

I am not annoyed by the incessant instagramming. I am a little annoyed I wasn't there, but that's another story.

Barbara said...

Fall hey? I hope you've got some good things planned :)

Anonymous said...

item #1 summer is nothing without a pool waterfall.
item #2 “no, listen to this story; it’s much creepier” is my GAME! how are we not real life bffs? i'm reigning champ of that game.

Julie said...

Yeah, I'm with Jenny on this one. And I would most certainly call that a perfect weekend.

The chimney on the roof... was really a man.

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

yeah, you could not be more right: Mexican food def is an important ingredient for the perfect weekend

Michelle Schraudner said...

Haha one of my friends and I played the same creepy game story last fall, except when we were walking through the woods a million miles from everything. Creaky trees are super scary after talking about the Paranormal Activity plots!!

Mimi said...

pool and ice cream -- i am sold! ;)

<3, Mimi
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Amanda Carr said...

your blog is seriously and it looks like you are having am amazing summer!

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