Our day in Georgetown, with a gratuitous two cents on Lyft vs. Uber.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Last time I was in DC, I really wanted to go to Georgetown, but I was participating in a moot court competition at American University and didn't have quite enough time.  This trip to DC, however, we had alllll the time in the world and no moot court competition to speak of (thank goodness).  So, yet again, we left our Metro cards at home and set off on a 2-mile adventure. 

On the way, we stopped at the Washington National Cathedral, where my day was temporarily ruined when a grown man decided to interrupt my taking a photo and let me know “You look really good today.”  Of course this man’s wife was out of earshot, as was Joe, and I think the only thing that could have made me madder was if he had commanded me to smile.

I digress.

By the time we made it to Georgetown, Joe and I were both eager for a change of scenery.  We walked around all the main shopping streets and all the side residential streets, pointing at various houses and announcing, “I could live there.”, “That could be our house.”, “I’d buy that house tomorrow.”  

Side note: when I say ‘various houses’, I really mean ‘all the houses.’

Just when we thought we couldn't walk anymore, we arrived upon a thousand steps – a staircase so daunting it was truly reminiscent of Jenny’s and my nightmare trip to Marseilles – which we needed to climb in order to reach the campus.  But it was worth it, let me tell you.  I think I asked, “Remind me again: why did I go to a state school?” a dozen times while Joe chimed in with casual remarks of, “This reminds me so much of Brown” or “I think that building was designed by the same architect who designed our library at Brown.” 

But really, why did I go to a state school? 

Eventually too tired to see any more of Georgetown – and definitely too tired to walk back to Adams Morgan – we called a Lyft to come get us.  And this brings us to the part of the trip called ‘why Lyft is so much better than Uber and will forever and ever be our favorite, amen.’  When the Uber app glitched out and crashed on both Joe's and my phones in NYC (an issue that almost caused us to miss our bus to DC, which would have prevented Joe from meeting his soulmate), I tweeted @Uber about it in hopes they could resolve the issue.  Well, someone trolling the Twitter feeds for Uber mentions sent me a referral code for Lyft, and once I redeemed it, $75 in free rides showed up in my account.  Thus, we spent virtually no money on transportation in DC, apart from the one metro ride to Old Town and back.  Our obsessive walking combined with our Lyft credits made for a very economical week there.  And I should mention that it took Uber a full week to resolve the issue, by which time, it was too late – we were sold on Lyft.  And that concludes our lesson on customer service: 101.

Why do more people prefer Uber, anyway?  Joe and I discussed this while walking around Georgetown (picking out our future homes) and couldn’t come up with an answer other than: (1) Because the brand name doubles as a verb and (2) Because pink mustaches are weird.

Anyhow, morals of the story: (1) We loved Georgetown, (2) Lyft > Uber, and (3) Street harassment is not a compliment.

Tomorrow I am so excited to talk about our discovery of the 2nd best falafel restaurant in the world!!!!!!  It's an important post, trust me.
Jenny@JenericGeneration said...

THAT STAIRCASE. I still think about it (the one in Marseilles). But did you know the one you photographed is the famous staircase from the Exorcist? I have never seen that movie, but apparently the staircase is significant. Maybe that is another reason why it was so daunting (haunting).

Jenni Austria Germany said...


I did not know that! I was never allowed to see the Exorcist. But I will have to tell my mom, because she has seen it (being the one who banned me from seeing it) and will maybe appreciate it.

Jan said...

Great pics in this entry. I don't remember a staircase in that movie but perhaps it's because I blocked that movie from my memory.

Alex said...

If I had a dollar for every time I've said to myself, "Why did I go to a state school?" I could buy every single house in Georgetown!

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